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Eda Uses [3]

  • Jaey2nd
  • 2021.04.05 18:40 (UTC+0)
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I just pulled Eda out of my 5* ticket for the event. I know she is obviously for PvP/GW, but I was wondering if anyone has found any random/weird niches for her in other aspects of gameplay.

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    2021.04.05 20:20 (UTC+0)

    I'm interested too.

    But by analyzing her skillset, you can understand her capabilities at least theoretically. I personally think she's a pretty niche PvP character. And in PvE (subjectively) it looks almost useless. Just imagine it yourself in different possible situations.

    Hunting - W13 is useless, A13 is practically the same

    Abyss - may come in handy in some niche situation, but in general it will be inferior in usefulness even to many 3*

    Fodder farmer - no

    Automaton tower - why is it here? (Except for fun)

    HoT - may come in handy in a certain situation

    Raid - unlikely

    Expeditions - Dark expedition, can block the actions of the minion, but there are no worse alternatives, such as Tene

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    2021.04.06 11:25 (UTC+0)

    My time finally comes through 

    So I use Eda religiously (Story Content, Raids and Arena) and I really enjoy and like her alot.

    She's +15 with 4K Atk and 270-ish Crit Damage (cause my gear sucks) and she cleaves very well.

    Since mine hits pretty hard, she's slow af that's why my Arena team consists of Flan and double Lots.

    Take into consideration I'm only in Masters, so take my info with a grain of salt since I'm really bad in arena lol.

    I've a consistent winrate with that team at around 80-ish%.

    The possibility of a cleaver to remove Immunities beforehand and then dish out alot of damage while having the possbility to stun people if they survive while also push or decrease CR is for me personally really cool.

    She's a really good Kayron killer and works also really nicely against FCCs barriers.

    There're obviously way better cleavers out there that need like 1/3 of the setup she normally needs, but it's a fun way of cleaving for me personally.

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