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Episode 3 is un-fun to play and asking too much effort. [9]

Just went through adventure in episode 3, I feel it's so heavy and not enjoyable in battles or farming nation's trust is so painful to do(abyss tower flashback), I hardly can bring fodder in most of the fights that made those runs were such a waste of energy instead of hunting(every energy I spent on adventure is a step back in improving gears) and those gears in AP shop isn't even level 88.

I am not complain about the bosses stage or boss's fight, I took those stages seriously and I believe gear/unit check in this episode is acceptable. Although I think dev should make adventure chill and focus on the story because we already have abyss tower to please our M side(stopped at floor 100th abyss tower  because of 15% res hit more often than 15% and I have played this game for more than 2 years so gears isn't my main problem, I believe).

Solution I suggest:

First is those lesser stages, the stages doesn't have big bosses, should be easier than now that allow us farm in peace and fast, especially fast because not all of us play epic seven 24/7 and we have our life too, right?

Second(this is too simple and I'm not sure about this) is buff our unit's stat while doing adventure like how sidestory is.

All above are my personal opinions.

Sorry about my English if it border you

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    2021.04.05 15:32 (UTC+0)

    just wait for episode 5

    every mobs hp will be over 50k hp

    and boss have 1m hp

    Final Boss 1 billion Hp

    sounds like real raid in mmo games here KEKW

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    2021.04.05 16:06 (UTC+0)

    And there is one more important thing

    The difficulty is so much higher than UH or Ep2 but the extra exp and gold you get is almost nothing

    Ep2 2S-3(lv 52 enemys) with one fodder and 3 max leveled heroes,the fodder gets 5610 exp and that stage can also be done with only one farmer and 3 fodders

    Ep3 6-2(lv72 enemys)again the same situation(only one fodder and 3 max leveled...it is difficult with 2 heroes let alone with one farmer),the fodder gets 7672 exp

    Barely above 2k extra exp and the clear time is definitely longer.

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    2021.04.05 19:48 (UTC+0)

    I haven't had any issues so far every boss has some gimmicks where you cannot bring certain units but it hasn't been that difficult or frustrating for me with average-good gear.. the one thing i can agree on it's almost impossible to level up more than one fodder unless i bring my Ruele so she can revive the op supporter it took me 5 days of grinding with one fodder or leveling up 1 gg character to complete the Kanna connection mission

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    2021.04.05 20:49 (UTC+0)

    I haven't been having a huge problem with it, though I do find it to be more effortful than Ep. 2 and UH. I also HAVE NO IDEA why even with the added difficulty we get the same rewards as EP 2 and UH, it makes no sense. It's literally useless to grind anything in Ep 3 imo

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    2021.04.06 00:14 (UTC+0)

    Think of any MMO you may play. New expansion comes out, you go to the new area, and now you have to fight instead of being able to run around and nuke everything because the enemies are now tuned slightly above your gear.

    Nobody complains about that because they understand it's part of progression, and the OP said he understands that too. Facerolling new content takes absolutely everything out of it. The same applies to this game.

    But by the end of the expansion you've all grown so much stronger that you can nuke again. The same will continue to happen here because of powercreep and people's gear quality getting better and better. You should always be farming UH anyway. There is no reason to farm EP3 because the AP shops aren't nearly as useful and catalyst diversity is worse.

    If this is about having to farm kills for Rima/Kanna/Reputation, that's also part of new content. You wouldn't complain that the new MMO expansion quests are in the new, slower area. You'd expect it.

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    2021.04.07 15:37 (UTC+0)

    The difficulty is fine. What's annoying is the rewards. No epic catalyst drops, marginal reward increase. New content is supposed to be rewarding to farm if you have good gear but it really isn't. Takes way too long and can't use 3 fodders. 

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