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Machinery and Teatime [2]

  • Yufix
  • 2021.03.22 17:38 (UTC+0)
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Since Symbol of Unity was introduced, Otherworldly Machinery has become useless, it's just a version with no hit chance and the aoe attack restriction, and frankly, even before was too weak to be a grade 5 artifact, the same goes for Last Teatime, they are artifacts of the same type but for specific classes, they need a buff.

For Machinery it should increase the damage bonus to 20% and add a 20% hit chance (Yuna's meteor cannon has a guaranteed critical so the only problem with that skill is the possibility of missing).

Teatime instead should increase the bonus damage to 16% and bring the possibility of reducing the cooldown to 30% (it is not a specialized cooldown artifact like Time Matter or Etica's scepter but 20% is really too low to be usable).

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  • images
    2021.03.22 23:29 (UTC+0)

    machinery become useless since portator and rengar drink exist....

  • images
    2021.03.26 17:01 (UTC+0)

    maybe machinery can be tailored to fit Yuna even more.

    While keeping the damage increase, additional effects can be added.

    I can think of a few potential additions:

    1. Increase user's speed by 10;

    2. Increase dual attack change by 8%;

    3. Increase all allies' combat readiness by 4%;

    4. Increase critical hit damage by 15%;

    5. 10% chance to counter attack when an ally is attacked;

    6. Increase speed for 1 turn after making a critical hit; or

    7. Penetrate defense by 10%.

    Any one of the above can make machinery more relevant.

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