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Please Fix Rima by Removing Mono Element Requirement [2]

She has such an awesome look it's incredibly disappointing that she us useless in practically all PvE content and 99% of PvP content. One thing I love about E7 are when three star (F2P) units are actually useful. It's exciting and fun to be able to test out new units and incredibly frustrating when units are just so bad you can't even find a niche use for them. 

I spend quite a lot of money on this game and I know that  others that are in the same boat as me are also very disappointed with the last couple SCs.

I'd understand if ALL SCs were bad but having some be complete garbage and others be amazing is very frustrating. I really hate getting excited about one of my favorite characters (Rima) only to find out Wyvern is pretty much the ONLY content she will be actually good in (other than maybe the occasional guild wars...maybe...)

I know SG typically doesn't like to buff 3 star units and when they do it takes a VERY long time, but I hope this time SG makes changes in a timely manner so such and awesome character design doesn't go to waste.

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    2021.03.23 05:39 (UTC+0)

    Came here to ask for pretty much the same so I'll just add my voice here and copy what I said somewhere else:

    The issue with Rima's SC is that without a full ice team she is pretty much just Rima which is short sighted at best, considering she could support units like SC Pearl with extra source of sleep and Tamarinne with skill CD reduction for those without Iseria. Sure, she can do those things without her SC but then she is a very subpar unit to bring along and she wouldn't completely replace Iseria because her S3 is only 3 turns reduction, not full refresh. If you didn't intend for her to be used in PvP... then why give her sleep? Only other use I can see for that is Gigantes expedition but that'd mean no autoing.

    I think you need to remove the full ice team restriction for the S1 CR push and the S2 def break. Make the Speed buff proc if the S3 is used on an ice unit, not need a whole team. Maybe double S1 CR Push if pushing an ice unit, again, not whole team.

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    2021.03.26 17:04 (UTC+0)

    Got that right. 

    Mono element restriction has got to go; it is one of the worst ideas in this game.

    Mono element makes team building much more restrictive, and make the characters see less use.

    It is just bad practice gameplay wise.

    The condition should be changed to something more relevant, like critical hit or effectiveness above 80% or speed requirement, etc.

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