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[Maintenance] 3/4 (Thu) Maintenance Notice (Completed) [37]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2021.03.03 10:30 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 37760


Hello Heirs.

This is GM Dominiel.


The maintenance period will end on 3/4 (Thu) at 09:00 UTC.

We want to thank our Heirs for their patience and understanding during our maintenance period.

Please see below for more detailed information.


 ■ 3/4 (Thu) Maintenance Compensation

1. Compensation: Leif x5 (Delivered to your in-game mailbox, Storage Period: 7 Days)

2. Schedule: 3/4 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 3/5 (Fri) 14:59 UTC


Because our Heirs on the Korea and Asia server had the temporary maintenance during their log in reward time and could not claim their energy, these Heirs will receive the missed energy following the update.


■ 3/4 (Thu) Korea/Asia Server Log In Reward Distribution Details 

1. Reward: Energy x50 (Delivered to your in-game mailbox, Storage Period: 7 Days)

2. Schedule: 3/4 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 3/4 (Thu) 17:59 UTC


Additionally, we ask our Heirs to please update to the latest version (v 1.0.292) for a more stable service.

 If the update does not appear in your store, please see below!



1. Please search for [Epic Seven] in the App Store and download the client update.

2. If the latest update does not display in your app store, please restart your device and check again.


     1. Go to [Google Play > Menu > My Apps/Game] and tap the update button.

     2. Go to [Settings > Applications > Google Play Store > Storage > Delete Cache]


We promise to do our best to provide even better service to all of our Heirs.


Thank you.


Hello Heirs!

This is GM Dominiel!


We would like to inform you that we will have an update on 3/4 (Thu).

Please see below for more information.


■ 3/4 (Thu) Update Info

1. Schedule: 3/4 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 09:00 UTC

2. Details:

1. Episode 3-7. North Lefundos Update

2. Equipment Substat Modification Update

3. Arena Skyward Season Begins!

4. Special Side Story - Seven Sweethearts ~Our First Spring~ Week 2

5. New 5 Hero, Designer Lilibet Now Available!

6. Ray & Doctor's Bag Drop Rate Up!

7. Chloe & A Little Queen's Huge Crown Drop Rate Up!

8. Guild War Ardor Season Ending

9. Improvements in Expedition

10. Japanese Media Pack Update

11. Other Improvements and Adjustments


 Please Note

- Update details and times are subject to change. In these cases, additional announcements will be posted.

- Please log out of your game before maintenance to ensure that your game data is stored properly.

- Players will not be able to access Epic Seven during the update.


We appreciate your patience and hope that you will enjoy this update!


Thank you.



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    2021.03.04 05:44 (UTC+0)

    BESTRestart servers

    Run production validation

    Run production testing 

    Verify files download and update appropriately

    Run through test for each regional server 

    Run validation for both iOS and Android

    Ensure payments still go through each store 

    Ensure developers / engineers are available and not falling into a weekend when fewer people are available 

    Fairly typical for live service and game updates that run off  a server or servers.  It’s more complex than you would think. 

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    2021.03.03 16:52 (UTC+0)

    BESTCalm down crybaby.

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    2021.03.03 19:28 (UTC+0)

    BESTHey dude, you realize that a Violet banner is after Ray and Chloe, right? They literally said this. When the new Epic Pass, with his skin, (which you can get for FREE because they give a ton of skystones out in this game), Violet banner will be up. So deep breath, relax, go sit in a hot tub or something. 

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    2021.03.03 16:31 (UTC+0)

    When the f**k is there gonna be a Violet D.R.U banner?! Ugh, you sure put up banners that have NO *** damn compatibility with the Seven Sweethearts Sweethearts event. If anything, that stupid Ray D.R.U banner should have been for Bittersweet festival. But being typical stupid, torturous jackasses, they come up with this. Thanks for nothing, SG- come out with Violet's skin, and not even put out his banner. Yeah, makes real sense. After all the Violet torture I went through, here I am getting smacked in the face savagely, AGAIN!!!

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      2021.03.04 04:13 (UTC+0)


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      2021.03.04 08:29 (UTC+0)

      They need to just ban your account. A piece of **** like you shouldn't be part of any community. 

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    2021.03.03 18:49 (UTC+0)

    Calm down just stop playing the game then jeez

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    2021.03.04 03:06 (UTC+0)

    Goodbye Fcc,i'm sorry,, i try but i can't get you :')

  • images
    2021.03.04 03:32 (UTC+0)

    Dude slow down, it’s hard to understand you with that **** in your mouth!

  • images
    2021.03.04 03:32 (UTC+0)

    I thought Debet came out later this month! I’m not done farming!

  • images
    2021.03.04 04:01 (UTC+0)


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    2021.03.04 04:14 (UTC+0)

    Give us more free energy please. 😁😁

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    2021.03.04 04:18 (UTC+0)

    This ***** i just opend the game and they throsw this **** at my face early morning haaaaaa~~~

    Good morn epic seven and **** you for doin this

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      2021.03.04 08:27 (UTC+0)

      If only there was a way to know it was coming. Like if they said it was going to happen. Maybe even doing the same thing at the same time 52 times a year. 


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    2021.03.04 04:31 (UTC+0)


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    2021.03.04 04:41 (UTC+0)

    Why do we have to wait about 4-5 hours. It's so bad.

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      2021.03.04 07:58 (UTC+0)

      ShadowDragnzBut, i really hate to wait now.

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      2021.03.04 08:27 (UTC+0)

      MEKAmeThen don't play any game with servers ever. This is a clearly a you problem. 

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    2021.03.04 04:41 (UTC+0)

    Appreciate all the work you guys do to keep up with community feedback!  Can’t wait for the upcoming GG collab and other collab news!  Hopefully we get an Elphelt buff with the banner 😂❤️

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    2021.03.04 06:43 (UTC+0)

    @ Lehohlahm 

    Just wanted to say, i really love this game. I appreciate all the artists, developers and maintenance teams. All i have is my phone to game on and this one keeps me busy and excited, i wish i had more to spend on the game honestly but again, grateful for the thoughtful events and gm bonuses. Feels overall that you appreciate us as proud supporters of your work. A’ho

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    2021.03.04 06:52 (UTC+0)

    When do we get buff ML Ravi 😓😭😭🤧

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    2021.03.04 09:17 (UTC+0)

    *** sg I waited for 7 days for nat5 ticket and it is taken off today can't get it really 

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    2021.03.04 09:43 (UTC+0)

    Anyone having issues opening their game through emulator? I can't open E7. Already restarted and reinstalled the game after update but it won't open, and it was opening just fine before the update.

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      2021.03.04 10:18 (UTC+0)

      I'm having issues on LD Player , game won't load, just a black screen

    • images
      2021.03.04 10:41 (UTC+0)

      3DFXHope they fix it soon. 

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