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Help with Arena Team [1]

I've looked at multiple videos or guides but they all just talk about the same heroes over and over again that I don't have. Wondering how I should build my team with my roster.

Openers: Ftene, Broman, Basar 

Tank: ARas, Fceci, FKluri

Bruiser: Ravi, Ervalen, ChampZ, Landy

DPS:: Vivian 

Not Built: Diene, Luluca, SAngelica, Ludwig, Krau 

Currently in master 5. Max speed ~240-250 

Thank you!

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    2021.03.05 13:53 (UTC+0)

    Ml ceci as a tank, 

    Vivian as dps, 

    Ravi and ftenebria... 

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