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Anyone has built gloomyrain? [5]

  • SirJay
  • 2021.02.07 03:23 (UTC+0)
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Hi team, anyone here has built gloomyrain?

I would like to ask these (sorry, i don't have enough resource to build mine, so I would like to ask someone).

1. In the skill description, she does NOT get the provoke. But how about FTENE redirect provoke? Is she affected by that?

2. If you have played around her, what is your opinion as the better set? speed or life steal?

3. After you've played around her, what do you think is the artifact for her that shines her?

3.A) I was thinking of attack neck and ring; then with chatty as artifact. Did someone do this already? Were you ok/happy with it?

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    2021.02.07 03:29 (UTC+0)

    So i just recently built her on a life steal set and crit, shes not that fast tho. Ftene comes with the debuff and it makes gloomy s1 which doesnt pull off the debuffs at all, kinda making her useless. I was thinking she would be a kmart version of czurato, but yeah it totally didnt work and shes nowhere near useful in pvp as i was hoping for. Since they gave an sc to carmainerose and pearlhorizon, my last hope is that they finish the banshee sc’s and maybe theyll give her the counter passive? Maybe? Im crossing my fingers there.

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    2021.02.07 06:52 (UTC+0)

    tried her in a mock battle, and she was affected by directed provoke so rip.

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    2021.02.07 12:45 (UTC+0)

    you can put her on counter set to interrupt debuff comps, she can proc the extra turn on counter attack. wouldnt recommend it though the character has no reliability at all

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    2021.02.08 01:30 (UTC+0)

    No point in building 3*s they age terribly with almost every subsequent 5* release. I wanted to use GR too but with F Tene it's pointless.

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    2021.06.02 16:08 (UTC+0)

    Found my way here by searchign for a way to build her to counter FTene.... 

    Sad gloomy noises.

    I hope someone out there close to SG does bring this to their attention and she will be updated to ignore redirected provokes as well, since her whole schtick was to be a discount CZ, before redirect provoke was a thing.

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