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Abyss105 [3]

Can we have some adjustments to this level? It is like impossible without certain characters like S.tene, frustrating as ever to know the level is exclusive to certain characters to get past even if you obey the mechanics..! 

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    2021.01.18 15:41 (UTC+0)

    lol this thread is basically "nerf 105 i can't copy my way to success and can't think of my own team either"

    "It is like impossible without certain characters like S.tene"

    Based on what. the couple of youtube videos you saw where most basically copied the first successful build?

    A couple weeks ago i posted a video clearing it with leo/ravi/aywin/bellona. It is probably the first (and maybe still only) video of it being cleared by the actual mechanics. Nobody had a non-attack skil/revive, so I never had to deal with reflect.

    Most of the people you choose to watch aren't even doing the fights as they're intended. They are just brute-forcing with stats/CR/poison. That's why stene is so prevalent. She can cheese floors like Kiris can. Doesn't mean she's required.

    If you thought more about the encounter instead of just scouring youtube for builds to copy, you'd get a better understanding for what's actually required for the fight and see that there are a lot more options than you think.

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    2021.01.18 18:29 (UTC+0)

    More free unequips and maybe we can try.

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    2021.01.20 05:45 (UTC+0)

    whats the point of updating abyss floor if you guys just want to make it easy like automaton tower

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