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[Global] Kyaaaa : Low commitment, no-guild-wars guild

Guild Name: Kyaaaa

Guild Level: 14

Server: Global

Current # of Members: 17

Description of Guild:

Kyaaaa is a laid-back guild for people who like to enjoy their game without any big commitment to their guild. As such, Kyaaaa DOES NOT PARTICIPATE IN ANY GUILD WARS.
Therefore, and unlike most guilds that like to go competitive, you will NOT be asked to commit regularly to time-consuming guild activities.
You are, of course, welcome to play PvP in the Arena or in RTA, as this does not require the participation of your guild.


- Anyone with a rank level of 20 or above can join. 

- Please try to check-in at the in-game Guild Hall on a daily basis.

- Donate money and proofs of courage if you wish. If enough people donate regularly, it'll help the guild provide bonuses that everyone can enjoy each day, including energy and boosts. At high rank, donating 50.000 Gold each day is very easy. If you do not wish to contribute, that's fine.

-Participation in the Discord server is not mandatory either.

Being active is all we ask of you ! While the number of members is 17, many of them have moved on, so we're looking for some new members to fill-in while we remove inactive members at the same time. High-level members are of course welcome as well.

How to join :

- Send me a private message on the forums

- Send me a private message on Discord (Gachapin#8838)

- Search for the "Kyaaaa" guild on the Global server and apply

Keep in mind that depending on our respective timezones, it may take a while for me to reply.

Thanks! Now hurry up and join.


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