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Why do some people complain about "OP" characters? [21]

Every character, regardless of how "OP" they are, has weaknesses or counters so what's the big deal? Making characters "OP" obviously makes them more desirable, and likely generate more P2W income.

When I first started playing 2 yrs ago, ML Ken and Violet would destroy me in arena... now I rarely have battles against them because the META changed, and keeps changing.

Anyway idk, I just don't get the issue.

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    2021.01.13 04:16 (UTC+0)

    SG want to satisfy both p2w & f2p, but in the end they satisfied neither. 

    Its really bad for their long run, they should just pick one side

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    2021.01.13 04:42 (UTC+0)

    every one have favorite hero but when x better than y then it not fair when every hero sold at same price

    I paid for X but  they release Y but Y is so OP than my X hero

    If game have this situation people will just quit like many dead game . no one gonna play this kind of game .

    " Making characters "OP" obviously makes them more desirable, and likely generate more P2W income "

    it's true in short term but it's hurting game in long run because This is PVP competitive game not PVE competitive game .

    Actually you have descript the issue by yourself , I curious why you don't get it

    " When I first started playing 2 yrs ago, ML Ken and Violet would destroy me in arena... now I rarely have battles against them because the META changed, and keeps changing.

    Anyway idk, I just don't get the issue."

    You  can see Luna buff when , Maid chole buff when

    this is issue from releasing new OP hero 

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    2021.01.13 05:00 (UTC+0)

    So what is the matter of PVP competitive game ? and the why what is SC doing is right .

    YOU NEED HUGE PLAYER BASE to make Whale enjoy while catching small fish but  95% of player are F2P , so make F2P happy is key for making money . IF f2p have feeling like this game is powercreep or unbalanced F2P will quit and when F2P gone Whale will gone too .

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    2021.01.13 05:20 (UTC+0)

    the problem is when one hero do almost all role by themself or just way too strong and need more than one hero to counter them, imagine there are 4 heroes like that, then u need at least 8 heroes to completely counter them

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    2021.01.13 05:33 (UTC+0)

    because even with ken or violet you could get to do something against them, or a ken you cn use a unique damage dealer or a unhealable/stun. not one of the super specific counter heroes that represent 1% of the game to have a change to can win vs they, they directly pulled out a violet stuck with a cermia that doesn't need to get a turn to have the evasion brings perf and self- buff attack and can counter counters and anti counters skils, or a area damage dealer, with more debbuf than a support, damage reduction and counters without get a only turn amoung others

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    2021.01.13 07:41 (UTC+0)

    The thing is when characters like Archdemon Mercedes are released people know their background. They know that these characters played an important part in the story and that they were exceedingly strong there. These notions are usually reflected on the desire for that character to be strong as well when you have it and play with it.I believe the usually perceived way of expressing that is through raw damage output and destroying your opponent single handedly. I think that is where most people are disappointed with some characters when they do not fulfill that fantasy.

    The thing is for decent game health you cannot just include universally strong characters. The result would be a roster where only a few heroes are viable and most would fall under the radar. In PvP at leas the draft plays a huge part in determining the outcome of the battle so it is way more interesting to have direct counters to certain units instead of stuffing your team full or Arbys. It creates diversity.

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    2021.01.13 09:47 (UTC+0)

    actually we have good experienced  with JAPAN SEVER

    Ruined in a week just because people spread the word like " E7 is P2W , re roll for Arby . without Arby you can't fight with anyone "

    It's  sad when good game die because one hero

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    2021.01.13 13:08 (UTC+0)

    Meanwhile, the characters that aren't OP(majority) $uck because they're not as excellent and have more weaknesses than the OP ones.

    OP charatcers force us to build them when we don't necessarily like them. Because if you don't you lose in pvp and pve. I like Earth Bellona much more than SSB but she's irrelevant due to SC's ****** for making endgame bosses completely immune to HP-based dmg. Same goes for Sol and couple of others.

    That aside Violet has always been garbage. If you lost to him that means you screwed up not that he was OP.

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    2021.01.13 13:15 (UTC+0)

    Many people not complain about OP character. They complain because smilegate "BUFF THE OP CHARACTER" while neglect the worst character that actually need buff. 

    Its bad for QoL inside the game, since developer jot know the condition/situation inside the game. 

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    2021.01.13 15:03 (UTC+0)

    because SG don't do nerfs !

    When a character is too strong, they prefer releasing niche characters to specifically counter that hero

    BUT if the said OP hero is no more played, those specific niche counters are no more valuable because they lack flexibility and are very VERY pvp focused...and even in pvp they have only one use

    and among those niche characters you can find some very cool and maybe you want to play them...oh but you can't !!!

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    2021.01.13 23:31 (UTC+0)

    If I got to pick as many 5 star moonlights as I wanted and made a dream team, I would probably still lose most of my battles. The real issue isn't the characters, it's the gear behind those characters. Sure, Arbiter Vildred has a very strong kit compared to other characters of similar caliber, but he won't do much for you if the gear you have isn't good. Of course, I'm not saying that if you build Jena and give her *** tier level of gear she'll be able to take Arby on. No unit in this game can 100% guarantee you a win against every team, at least not nowadays. I kind of went off topic there, but the point is, I have no issues with "OP" units appearing in the game. If you ask me, I think SG has a decent handle on meta unit balancing, considering they themselves said that they weren't going to nerf units anymore.

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    2021.01.14 12:23 (UTC+0)

    I’ll speak and is coming from f2p and I went down that path before but I now take this gacha for fun .

    the one side complain will always be f2p because they cannot afford to spend and buy units while other people who can afford straight up ***** the f2p so the f2p in terms complain to nerf the unit they cannot afford to obtain BUT when the f2p obtain the op unit out of luck their complains are down the trash knowing they ACTUALLY gotGood unit and doesn’t want it to be nerfed LOL and I was one of them don’t get me wrong I was Whiny little complained about this that on other gacha all because I never spent on op units due to not spending money at all and thinking oh I’ll get things for free .

    let’s say this if 3 people beats ml ken and 1 doesn’t who’s the problem ? 3 people or 1 people ? Cmon we all know this the 1 unit abuses 1 kid over and over and he says oh man this unit is to op ima complain to nerf it so I can beat NO dude you’re bad not sg .

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    2021.01.15 11:14 (UTC+0)

    The answer is very simple. They don't have the character or passed up on the roll, so those that do have the character or rolled for them will simply sh.iet all over the ones that didn't. You know how majority of the player base are, they are simply like Trump, they hate losing.

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