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Patch Update News 21.01.21 whats behind these + some sarcastic and funny notes [14]

Hi there Summoners,

this is your all time best friend Moselaner and i wanna share my thoughts about the upcomming patch and what i think the developers thought when they made this so called balance patch #BIG_CHANGES

Ok should we begin? Lets go:

#1 Briar Witch Iseria

Hmmm lets make her a little Kayron we got almost no idea what to really change about her. 

The fact that she still can be overpowered by a Basar hopefully most of our players dont get.

Lucky we keep her this slow so she can't compete.

#2 Specimen Sez

Hmm where do we remember making a unit totally overpowered, ahhh right it was when we buffed F.Lidica or our all time favourite ML Bal.

After the Patch he will be so overpowered for 2 weeks, all summoners will burn their mystics on the good looking mercedes which brings a new talent so called "Oblivion" [Summoners War copy]. After 2 weeks they realize that Specimen Sez is overpowered so we bring him next in the mythics and make allot of money. The wales will promote him for us.

We are so clever :P

#3 Kawerik

Ok this one is suprising, we actually came up with some nice changes, oh wait it was the community who gave us these ideas. Damn but still a good change for him.

#4 Haste

Don't know why we are doing him since he will be a nonsense hero after all. But guesse we should and "Yes we can".

#5 Yuna

Who was that girl again? A right the one whos sponsoring the "Yuna Engine" then we give her some upgrade, but not noteable.

#6 The 4* and 3* garbage

No one gives a *** about these units, we help starters with this so i guesse this comes good for the newbies. + Point for beginnerfriendly earned.

The Patch will literally change nothing on the current meta just our Specimen will do some changes, the rest stays the same.

We actually promised some significant changes 2020 but milking the players isn't much working so what we gonna do. Right if they don't pay us we don't change a thing. Best thing is that those useless packages the player get in the commertials actually don't work, but oh well we can't do everything right.

That more and more players stop playing this game is sad but guesse thats because we are not motivated enough to do the big changes in the Equipment System + let them spend more and more time ingame. 

Best regards

"YOUR" developers

Hope the Patch notes were funny enough for you and see you guys again on the next nonsense Patch ;P

Best wishes

Moselaner :)

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    2021.01.11 13:17 (UTC+0)

    U could’ve done better with this parody 

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    2021.01.11 17:20 (UTC+0)

    1. Pretty sure Kayron can't fully strip, def break or deal with buff teams in general. 1 common aspect doesn't suddenly make them alike.

    2.Will he be OP? There's so much rng in his kit. 

    -20% to proc counter(granted you're not against a hero like Fidica)

    -60% to stun

    -15% ER

    He's more Eff reliant too.

    3.Yes, nice buff. But I'd personally prefer CR boost or evasion buff on s2. Could be worse.

    4. Agreed they could have done better.

    5. Imo she was given a pretty big buff. She's going to be a lot better dps thanks to extra turn on s3 and mor focus on s2. People don't realize this but Yuna has one of the biggest aoe multipliers in the game.

    6.I do care. This is a hero collecting game and the more viable, decent options they provide us with the better the game. Khawazu got a big significant buff. Hopefully he gets a decent EE too. C Rikoris' buff is however the main meme of this balance patch. The worst 'buff' of them all. Mercedes still forgotten.

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    2021.01.11 23:59 (UTC+0)

    i see the kawerik buff is too much, when vildred buff? looking how the developments are not going to nerf nothing and just are going to buff the 5*

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    2021.01.12 04:30 (UTC+0)

    Oh God, Zienn again commenting on a character they don't have nor have ever tested. B. Iseria was garbage, now she can just survive a turn. Any idi.ot will know to chose Basar over her, yet Zienn is comparing with Kayron to make some half ass point that the buff made her good?

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    2021.01.12 08:49 (UTC+0)

    I never see someone happy about the buffs 

    This kids only know how to complain spam the comments with - buff Haste and now that he gets a buff you complain and say that you dont care any more , are guys bipoler or something? 

    Just be gratefull and shut up stop complaining if you dont like it leave their are people that actually enjoy the game and are greatfull for the buffs 

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    2021.01.12 09:04 (UTC+0)

    1 year many people complain about ml basar skill and stat (main stat + awaken stat) , even 3 star hero better than him. even in the rating hero inside the game is 3.0.

    And still no buff 😂. this game have no future, since dev not listen to the community and dont know the situation inside the game, what hero that need to get buff or not, but dev buff the hero that already overpower instead, what a sad reality 😂

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