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How to remove fatigue from expedition boss [9]

Is says that it goes away after specific turns but everyone else get at least 15 turns but my dps had that debuff the whole fight and I lost because the other heroes barely did any damage

My dps did not move at all the whole fight

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    작성자 2021.01.11 11:13 (UTC+0)

    So you have to have a cr pusher,but what if you don't have such a hero or not build\geared one,what then?

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    2021.01.11 11:46 (UTC+0)

    According to boss guide,

    "Therefore, it is necessary to bring Heroes with the ability to increase combat readiness or speed of allies..."

    To compensate the lack of efficientcr pusher I would probably bring another DPS with lower attack but more speed thus would not be inflicted with fatigue and fast enough to deal more damage. But still as the guide said there's really no other way, build your cr pusher :)

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    2021.01.11 11:54 (UTC+0)

    Lots but your dps need to be Squishy so ( AI ) Lot will always push your dps . Destina suuuuuck tho

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    2021.01.11 12:19 (UTC+0)

    A CR pusher is needed here. I also use Charles as a tank on this expedition. He also contributes, ~ 300-400k damage for 2 lvl. Not so bad for a tank =)

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    2021.01.12 00:48 (UTC+0)

    As others have mentioned, Lots, ALots, or any other CR pusher is what you need.  

    The other option to get you by in the meantime is the "waste" tank. This one is arguably tougher since you'll need Elena for this comp to work, but essentially you build a dummy DPS unit and set it in the front slot. As the highest atk unit it won't move, but in the front slot it'll get hit on the single attacks. Elena casts her S3 which won't go away except on the cleanse since that unit won't take a turn. Then your other DPS will be free to do dmg. Achates might work too. Not the best of comps, but it'll hold you over while you get some cr pusher leveled and geared. 

    If you're going for a budget CR push option, a tanky and somewhat speedy SC Roozid or Judith are easy to get. You only really need them to bw somewhat fast, and to survive to keep pushing your DPS, so you can forget anything other than speed, hp, and def. But, this will likely mean some pretty good gear, and a really good healer in support. 

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    2021.01.12 04:59 (UTC+0)

    For this one, Destina is actually your best option, make sure to have exclusive artifact that reduces her S3 cd by 1 turn and Tamarinnes artifact which increases CR of character with highest attack when Destina takes damage. You will almost always have her S2 and S3 up before he does his fatigue and bleed effect move. After he does it, just S3 to CR boost and remove debuffs on everyone, then S2 the fatigue unit the following turn, they should be able to get atleast 2-3 turns easily before the next fatigue and bleed attack.

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    2021.01.13 03:47 (UTC+0)

    cr pusher is needed here

    try alots, lots, iseria, and ervalen

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