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[Update] 1/14 (Thu) Update Content [23]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2021.01.13 09:00 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 30325


Hello Heirs.

This is GM Dominiel.


* Please note that for this week, no maintenance will be required and the update will be applied automatically. 


1. Side Story -Memories of the Remorseful 

In a Wintenberg of days long past, an ominous prophecy and a new connection approach the Dragon Alencia as she soars through cloudless blue skies, unaware of the sorrowful future that awaits her…


■ Schedule

1/14 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 1/28 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

■ How to Enter

After reaching Account Rank 9, go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Side Story].

■ How to play

Side Story – ‘Memories of the Remorseful’ is a 2-week side story.

Players will need to clear certain stages, complete various reputations and quests, and collect side story currency, which can be exchanged for other items!


* When playing through the side story region, urgent missions in the adventure region may occur.        

* Players will be able to obtain 2 monsters and catalysts from regions in the side story. Please check ‘region information’ for more information.


[Event Currency]




[Alpine Plant Leaf]

Leaves from a plant that grows in the mountainous regions of Warm Village.


[Enhanced Heroes]



Attack, Health, Defense - 50% Increase


* Enhanced Heroes only receive benefits when used in the specified Side Story.

[Stage Difficulty]

- Stage [4. Isolated Summit] of the Side Story is comprised of various difficulty levels that players can select.

- Players may select a higher difficulty after successfully clearing the one before it.

- Higher difficulty stages require more energy to enter but provide a greater amount of event currency.


- Players will be able to exchange the event currency, Alpine Plant Leaf for items in the Exchange. 

- Players can obtain this currency by clearing battles in the Side Story.   

- Players will be able to exchange event currency for items up to one week after the Side Story ends.


2. Alencia & Alencinox’s Wrath Drop Rate Up

In this Drop Rate Up meet Alencia, an Earth elemental Warrior who dispels all buffs from all enemies while also increasing the Defense of all allies. Players can also obtain a Warrior exclusive Artifact, Alencinox’s Wrath, which increases the caster’s Critical Hit Chance whenever somebody’s turn starts and it can stack up to 20 times.

■ Schedule

1/14 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 1/21 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

3. Vivian & Dignus Orb Drop Rate Up

Vivian is an Earth elemental Mage who can strike with an AoE attack and also provide various buffs to allies. Players can also obtain the Mage exclusive Artifact, Dignus Orb which provides benefits to mages with low health. Meet this Hero and Artifact in this Drop Rate Up event!

■ Schedule

1/14 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 1/21 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


Thank you.

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    2021.01.13 10:06 (UTC+0)

    BESTIt would be nice if we have the story of buffed Luna

  • images
    2021.01.13 17:32 (UTC+0)

    BESTI'm not your aunt

  • images
    2021.01.13 09:16 (UTC+0)

    BESTTime to get my auntie kween. Been saving for her for weeks 

  • images
    2021.01.13 09:16 (UTC+0)

    Time to get my auntie kween. Been saving for her for weeks 

    • images
      2021.01.13 17:32 (UTC+0)

      I'm not your aunt

  • images
    2021.01.13 09:39 (UTC+0)

    alencia what took you

  • images
    2021.01.13 10:00 (UTC+0)

    She has 2 sidestories now.

    • images
      2021.01.13 12:43 (UTC+0)

      She didn't get side story year ago.

    • images
      2021.01.13 13:09 (UTC+0)

      That was Yufine’s side story 

  • images
    2021.01.13 10:06 (UTC+0)

    It would be nice if we have the story of buffed Luna

    • images
      2021.01.14 01:29 (UTC+0)

      ArcheanthusDont expect her again anytime soon a new collab is coming. Not the rerun old collab

    • images
      2021.01.14 04:00 (UTC+0)

      N o.

  • images
    2021.01.13 10:54 (UTC+0)

    Yes... more alencia and give her skin please........ AND GIVE ME ARBY 

    • images
      2021.01.13 14:28 (UTC+0)

      Ur gonna be waiting a while on arby, he wasn’t that long ago.  I mean, he’s popular but there are quite a few due up in the rotation before him.

    • images
      2021.01.13 20:10 (UTC+0)

      F Arby. Been waiting forr the real meta unit F.Ceci for a year now

  • images
    2021.01.13 11:15 (UTC+0)

    No Huche in this week ! 

  • images
    2021.01.13 12:19 (UTC+0)

    Time to use those 15k SS I been saving for Alencia

  • images
    2021.01.13 12:46 (UTC+0)

    Oh, that's right. I just remembered SC released her without any side story last year when she wasn't even relevant in the main story.

  • images
    2021.01.13 14:30 (UTC+0)

    Member when everyone who rolled on the first day of the first banner got her free?  Wish they’d rerun that....(sorry, still a lil salty I didn’t pull back then)

    • images
      2021.01.13 17:22 (UTC+0)

      same here bro .. sob sob :_:

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    2021.01.13 19:25 (UTC+0)

    When do we get leveled up guardians? They all still say lvl 1. Would be nice to have for the over 100 abyss levels and the harder story content. 

  • images
    2021.01.13 20:34 (UTC+0)

    I'm looking forward to reading Alencia's lore, I wasn't quite satisfied with Luna's reasoning behind her actions. I also haven't caught up to the main story at the moment though.

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    2021.01.15 09:54 (UTC+0)


  • images
    2021.01.16 19:49 (UTC+0)

    Luna and elphelt are the worst limited heroes. sg Can you please buff them so they can be usable.

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