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Ending and new beginning [1]

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  • Blitzein[Blitzein]
  • 2020.12.01 09:38 (UTC+0)
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In-game nickname : Blitzein

Server : Global

Title : Ending and new beginning

I was inspired by these lines on Luna's story: "As they disappear into the infinite white below Luna recalls old legends of portals to the unknown and holds unto one final hope that somehow they were transported to a world where this history of hate could not reach them.

That they would forget everything.

And that they would never return."

The world in 2020 was kinda messed up, so I hope as this year ends, we'll also have a new beginning in 2021, where the past is forgotten, and will never return.

PS: I really like Luna as character but she's kinda underwhelming as compared to other Limited summons. Maybe g  ive her a little special this 2021 too?   :D


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    2020.12.01 10:12 (UTC+0)

    My man, some food for thought and my personal perspective/philosophy on the past and all... 

    Never chose to forget the past and discard it. The moment you do is the moment you fall into ignorance and essentially lose a part of yourself. The past makes everyone and everything. Those who choose to forget the past just because it was bad to them etc... never truly have moved on from it. Instead they have been broken by it. 

    As we move forward to 2021 I hope the future (E7 too) is bright and everyone does so well, but at the same time never forget the impact and meaning of 2020. 

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