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Guild Recruitment

Dioscuri from Asia is now recruiting

Server: A S I A    Guild Name: Dioscuri 

Intro about us: We finished at 150 last season with 19 members). Current rank is 130 

ᗘ Guild level: 14 

ᗘ Guild war reward ratio: X4 currently cuz of preseason

ᗘ Slots open: 22/28 Requirements: 

ᗘ Rank 66 minimum 

ᗘ Discord account 

ᗘ Use all battle tokens in guild war

ᗘ Aim for at least 4/6 on GW on offense consistently Benefits: 

ᗘ 24/7 guild buffs 

ᗘ Guides and help 

ᗘ Expedition Description: 

ᗘ Main language is English 

ᗘ We're currently playing Genshin as well, feel free to join us there also if you are interested 

ᗘ Most importantly, chill and have some fun 

Please dm me or join us at https://discord.gg/Fgds3ag
My Discord is Buck3ts#0897

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