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Guild Recruitment

Korin Tower is recruiting! Top 1000 guaranteed [x5 Mystics] [Global]

Guild name: KorinTower


Server: Global

Guild level: 20

Recruitment spots: 2

Level requirement: 67

Rank requirement: Master+ RTA, Challenger+ Arena

Guild description:

We are a relatively casual guild that aims to keep top 1000 for max mystic rewards. We have been hovering around top 200 for a while now.

We play all sorts of other games like Genshin Impact, Valorant, Call of Duty, League of Legends, Halo, Apex etc. and we are also fans of music, movies, DBZ and other anime.

Discord is mandatory so we can communicate with eachother better and make more visible announcements.

We can offer you:

- Efficient aid system to max out daily limit + catalyst trading channel in discord
- Theorycrafting discussions
- 24/7 gold + exp buffs
- 50 daily energy
- 5x mystic rewards
- Dank memes
- Rubs for fat cats
- Plenty of banter and salty gacha talk

- Join guild discord
- Use x3 tickets in every Guild War
- Active daily players
- Check-in, request aid
- 350k+ cp teams for world boss
- Do your best to communicate with the rest of the guild!

PM me @Furjorn Greatpaw#5379 on discord if you are interested in joining.

You are free to join our discord just for discussion, we have people that hang out without being guild members.

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