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Bellona or Basar [16]


im currently at master II,

(My current offense method is Flidica > SBA S3> S.Angelica S3> Vildred S3)

i can wyvern 12,golem 11, azimanak 11, and banshee 11

THE QUESTION IS, is any of these heroes is a must pull?

or maybe Charlotte is a badass?

i like bellona as a waifu, but basar is strong like hell in pvp. like what the fuck.

i got Flidica and Djbasar as CR push. 

i have shadow rose & blue rose too but its too slow..

Thankyou in advance my fellow warriors.

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    2020.11.26 01:49 (UTC+0)

    If you have flidica, you don't really need basar. Save your resources for limited characters.

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    2020.11.26 01:51 (UTC+0)

    Basar, can't go wrong with him. He doesn't need molas, very low investment, and his S3 secretly attacks with element advantage.

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    2020.11.26 02:28 (UTC+0)

    I think you must pull Bellona, she can go b13,a13 and g13 with strong def break if you can't one shot. You need good gear to climb high rank in Arena/RTA. 

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    2020.11.26 04:13 (UTC+0)

    Basar is still the best stripper in game. So best sometimes he even can strip and push kayron.

    On the other hand Bellona is very versatile in pve. Her def break can make hunt easier.

    Imo you should prioritize your hunt team before building your pvp team.

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    2020.11.26 05:06 (UTC+0)

    this is why f2p complain when they dont have enough bm for limited, or waifu etc

    coz they cant think well on crap banner like these

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    2020.11.26 05:14 (UTC+0)

    I’d say you could skip both, it’s best of you push in pve using units that could also help on pvp. Bellona is great in pve but mediocre is pvp; likewise, basar is the inverse.

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    2020.11.26 06:35 (UTC+0)


    My money is on skip for mainly limited unless you already got enough to pity 1 and those are extras. In that case Bellona if you're complete newb, Basar if you can build him 240~250+ Speed which should be enough to let you stay on Challenger. FLidica comp may have some trouble against FCC + full immunity set team

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    2020.11.26 10:04 (UTC+0)

    Bellona is good at PvE. hunting, Abyss, but for PvP there are much better options (for example, the same Tene). Basar top stripper. He is strong even today (despite the existence of Lilias / H. Yufine). Plus, he essentially doesn't need a Mola to be effective (which, in my opinion, is a huge plus). It can be build both fully in speed  and survival at a lower speed(~180-200). I would say that if you like speed cleave / control it is a very good option. Especially if you're still aiming for the RTA. Because any good Cleaver in the RTA simply must have not only F. Lidica + A. Lots, but also have Basar / Cerise / Broman in stock.

    If I choose from these 2, I would definitely choose Basar (even though I use the Bruiser / Tank teams). But if you're on a limited budget, maybe it's worth the wait? For example Banner Cerise and her Art.

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