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Happy Thanksgiving, SG❤️ [1]

So, I noticed, while watching the new ML Sigret trailer, how much work it is to create just one character, and I realized that almost no one is thankful enough for what you actually do. It takes days to fully make something for the game, whether its a new chapter, character, or even just a fun mini game, and I’m so appreciative. I really wanna let you know that it makes me so happy that you guys are always doing new things for this game, and keeping me entertained when the world is shut down. In conclusion, thank you for everything you’ve done, thank you GMs, Devs, Artists, and everyone else. I am thankful for this game, happy Thanksgiving. ❤️❤️❤️

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    2020.11.25 23:38 (UTC+0)

    Hello Heir! It's GM Aerin. 

    First off, I would like to say thank you so much for the love and support that you have shown to Epic Seven. I am glad to hear that you enjoy our game! We will continue doing our best to meet our heris' desires and to make the game even better! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving! May the holiday be filled with laughter, joy, and plenty of good food.

    See you in the World of Orbis! 

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