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A Jewel Among Epic Equipment for DPS [22]

I have always envied those that could get 200,000+ CP, because you have to be on the look out for the right pieces with the right substats. I noticed that reaching that goal is a lot easier with the Speed Set than other sets, because speed stat can raise CP significantly. So here are the substats for each piece you should be on the look out for. If you get a piece like the ones listed below, even with bad rolls you can still break 150k CP easily.

The Left Side: Keep an eye out for these exact substats.


Substats- Attack%, Crit Chance%, Crit Damage%, Speed


Substats- Attack%, Crit Chance%, Crit Damage%, Speed


Substats- Crit Chance%, Crit Damage%, Speed, (effectiveness gives more CP than health)

The right side: If you have the following combination of stats, getting flat stats as main stat is fine, but percentage is preferred.


Main: Crit Damage %

Substats- Crit Chance%, Speed, Attack%, Flat attack


Main: Attack %

Substats- Crit Chance%, Crit Damage%, Speed, Flat attack


Main: Speed

Substats- Crit Chance%, Crit Damage%, Attack%, Flat attack

You can substitute flat attack with effectiveness. In short you need gear with all offensive stats. If you get flat attack on ring, it's still good as long as it has those listed states. Good luck with your hunt's and crafts.

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    2020.11.24 21:42 (UTC+0)

    Focusing on CP is like solely paying attention to ilvl in something like WoW regardless of stats. It's just an e-peen comparison tool and means much less in practice than many think.

    A tank with 100% ideal stats will not come close to getting to the same level of CP as a damage dealer, even if by all counts the tank is just better. So what is it actually showing?

    You admit speed increases CP more than other stats, and likewise stats that mean nothing to a particular hero could also give it some of the most benefit when it comes to increasing CP. So the increases are not always reflective of an actual increase in the hero's overall power and this is the main reason why nobody should really be paying attention to it.

    You can throw 100 effectiveness on a green vildred and pump up CP despite it being a completely wasted stat on him. Heroes that don't use effectiveness will also have a harder time gaining CP in general. So heroes that are stat-hungry will inflate accordingly.

    Noob trap.

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    2020.11.25 00:13 (UTC+0)

    CP only matters for world boss, other than that it’s a meaningless value. Instead of trying to get a certain CP for a hero, you should have certain benchmarks you want to hit for the individual stats 

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    2020.11.25 00:29 (UTC+0)

    Man it sure would be nice to have gear like that! I can’t get stuff nearly that good!

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    2020.11.25 06:19 (UTC+0)

    Amato:"150-200k CP is an enormous difference and most players' best will be closer to 150. So looking for max CP is an even bigger mistake at that point in progression because you can hit 150 many more (worse) ways than you can reach 200k."

    Not sure what the hell you're talking about because pictures below prove otherwise. When it comes to CP for dps, it's a very accurate depiction of their offensive stats.

    Yea, just look at those Go.d awful stats that no one should envy. That CP is clearly not an accurate depiction of those stats /s.

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    2020.11.25 06:54 (UTC+0)

    I see you're as sharp as always.

    You (angrily, of course) quoted the whole statement but failed to register or straight up ignored the second half of it about there being many more ways to hit 150 than 200 and CP-chasing being a more perilous endeavour as a result when in that range.

    That vildred is also not yours and months old lol: https://www.reddit.com/r/EpicSeven/comments/i7vsmy/finally_hit_the_200k_cp_mark/

    I do like how you bothered to crop them anyway.

    I suppose the 34 eff on the cermia over capping crit is to land that sweet 75% unhealable on her S1 and not for the sake of squeaking over 200k for a screenshot? Because who needs to crit with a single-target nuke, right? It's not like she might as well be 100k CP when that happens or anything.

    Never change dummyprime. You'll always be your own personal hero.

    Unless you are "PonyAnonymous". In which case LOL

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    2020.11.25 09:36 (UTC+0)

    Before Amato makes another a.ss of himself. Here I'm going to use my A. Vild as an example. I have my A. Vild. with two pieces just like the OP mentioned. Notice the substats. The helmet I have had for over a year, and have never found a better replacement. Notice the third pic and substats that deviate from the OPs example, even though it's an 88 helmet it drops my CP by 6k, that's because my DPS drops. CP is an accurate depiction of a characters offensive stats. 

    Even the pieces I have, the rolls aren't great, my offensive stats and CP would definitely be higher if all my other pieces had similar stats. If you have hit 150k+ you just don't get that by slapping random gear around like Trollmato suggests with zero, zilch, nada evidence.

    Protip: If you find gear the op has mentioned with those stats, it's a great piece. Ignore Amato. I think someone called him Trollmato. I just call him sh.iets for brains for obvious reasons.

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    2020.11.25 10:01 (UTC+0)

    "CP is an accurate depiction of a characters offensive stats."

    This doesn't look like an upgrade to me but whatever helps you feel better about your gear.

    "If you have hit 150k+ you just don't get that by slapping random gear around like Trollmato suggests with zero, zilch, nada evidence."

    >Provided this pic as evidence 40mins ago just above
    >Says nothing
    >Starts new reply thread claiming no evidence hoping nobody will notice
    >Is choosing to be combative at all over the idea that CP is a mostly meaningless stat

    >May be practicing to be a politician.

    Edit: And then he asked for more examples....

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    2020.11.25 10:36 (UTC+0)

    ^ why not just take it a step further and slap your dps gear on a tank? Seems like something you would do. By the way try placing all those gear pieces with the effectiveness on a debuffing dps like Baal n Sezan, SB Aramintha, or Tenebria that way you will be a step closer to that sweet 150k+ CP [and] have a very useful character.

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    2020.11.25 10:49 (UTC+0)

    "CP is an accurate depiction of a character's offensive stats"
    "Show me CP isn't accurate. You have zero evidence."
    "Ok show me another example and get closer to 150k stacking effectiveness because I bet you can't because you **** at math"
    "....yeah....well....by the way, you should put that gear on someone more useful because you'd probably put it on a tank knowing someone like you"

    It seems you have lost this conversation and my job is done.

    Have a good one! :)

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    2020.11.25 11:51 (UTC+0)

    ^ Again with his mental master.bation. When you quote, do try to quote the actual sentences people have used and not your own thoughts of what you feel they used. You clearly jumped the gun when you thought the 200k+ A. Vil was mine.

    To quote how you quote:

    "Let me just mis-match gear for sake of making my argument sound, but I won't use dps gear on tanks because it will just highlight my desperate attempt at wanting to be right"

    "Why is this dummyprime telling me to use effectiveness gear on debuffers, he's ruining my plan"

    "I'll throw in a couple of misquotes, **** more gear around, these stupid player's don't even know how CP formula works" insert Brazilian laugh "huehuehue" followed by trollface.

    "Oh look I carefully manipulated effectiveness and effective resistance and gained 10k CP" "huehuehue" "Why?"

    CP calculation formula below, so you guys can figure out what this trolls doing.


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    2020.11.25 20:25 (UTC+0)

    10 hours of Trollmato at his finest. Enjoy.

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