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Guild Recruitment

[Global] Axon has opened recruiting. Seeking active players!

-Guild Name: Axon

-Guild Level: 20

-Server: Global

-Current # of Members: 22

-Guild War Ranking: Honorable Wildcard-Glorious Guardian

-Level Requirement 50 +

-Arena Rank requirement: None 

Axon is opening recruiting again. What separates us from other guilds is that we allow players that are still developing and may not have reached end game content or high level arena. Our core members are very experienced and are there to provide insight and advice. We are otherwise casual, but require activity. While some of our guild are competitive, we have no requirements on success, only participation. If you feel like this fits what you are looking for but do not meet the level requirements, use the contact information below. We are flexible.


-Be Active (350 assistance/wk)

-Use Discord for communication

-Daily Donation (max/day mandatory) 

-Participate in Guild Wars-3 fights

-Participate in Guild World Boss

-Weekly Guild Missions

-Help with Aid

-Have fun

All invitations handled through discord (https://discord.gg/TjDqMSn)

Visit us and ping either Ndcis10n or Blargh to handle your invite.

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