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Stuck in early game... what am I gonna do next? [13]

  • SeraLy
  • 2020.11.20 23:10 (UTC+0)
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Been playing the game for two months but now feel stuck... cant decide which hero to raise or what part of the game I want to focus next. Any advise would be much appreciated :)

Where I am now: 

Hunts: Can auto Wyvern/Banshee 11 with 100% success, but only 20% auto success rate for Wyvern/Banshee 12

My Wyvern team: Krau(6*), A momo(6*), Alexa(6*), Furious(6*)

Hell Azmakalis: only able to beat Devourer Arahakan; cant beat that worm due to lack of Aoe;

I usually run with Ravi (tank), Amomo, Yufine and Tamarine

Adventrure: cleared chapter 1&2; stuck at 3-2-8

Abyss: stuck at 82

Pvp: 2000 up and down... 

My heroes now:

Raised 6*: Fire Ravi (on life steal just to walk dogs; doesnt do much damage); 

Water Krau (my main tank for Wyvern, 20k health but doesnt seem enough for W12?); 

Alexa (crit/crit damage); 

Furious (speed/crit, doesnt seem to do much in W11 except debuff and buff); 

A Momo (speed/health); 


Commander Lorina(moved all her items to Yufine); 

Charles (just raised him for banshee... not used elsewhere); 

Tenebria (the only aoe I have now) 

Tamarinne (got her last week,still need to find her HP items)

My ravi, yufine and the wyvern team got the best items... the rest of them just have garbage 

5*/4* that I cant decide who to raise next:

Cermia, Falconer Kluri, Landy, Assassin Coli, Shadow Rose, Water Rose, Benevolent Roman, Champion Zerato, Specimen Sez, General purrgis, Kayron, water Chloe, fire Armintha, Alencia, Pavel, Achates

My main hope is to progress through the hell raid so I can get items for my Wyvern team cause it has been so difficult to craft good items. On hell raid sometime my tank (ravi or A momo) struggle against high attack creeps and I dont have the Aoe to clear the adds from that worm guy. I do enjoy playing arena but ever since I got to gold I'm having trouble deal with all the moonlight heroes and SSB.   


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    2020.11.20 23:49 (UTC+0)

    I would look up budget Wyvern 13 teams and see what you are missing and keep your eyes out for units you need for it and pull when they get a banner. This is your ultimate goal. You can usually slide by with lower gear requirements than Hell Raid requires. You will also need a diverse hero pool, unless you have a lot of MLs, to successfully do Hell Raid which makes it harder. Hell Raid is rewarding but its once a month content and gear acquisition isn't nearly on par to having W13 on farm. Even getting a 50% success rate W13 is good because there is no penalty to failing so you just set it to auot-repeat and check back.

    As for C.Lorina, she is a PVE beast. Just slap whatever Abyss lifesteal pieces you don't use on Ravi and get a crit set bonus. She is well worth it for Abyss, Hell Raid, Fire Expidition, and other PVE stuff. There are better options for specific content but for early game its hard to beat her flexibility. Even after playing for 1.5 years I still use her daily.

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    2020.11.20 23:53 (UTC+0)

    Must Build Units:

    Kayron, Falconer Kluri, C.Lorina.

    Niche uses or PvP usage:

    Alencia, Bromann, Achates.

    Everyone else:

    Build them later, they're not mandatory, mainly just build Kayron, he is worth to invest.

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    2020.11.21 00:25 (UTC+0)

    champ z is amazing with the abyss lifesteal set, destroys first 2 hell raid bosses

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    2020.11.21 00:26 (UTC+0)

    For Hell Raid, the trickiest part is you need to tweak your team so that you got enough morale to beat all the mini boss.

    If you don't really care about mini boss and only want to beat the boss then you can raise:

    - C.Zerato (won't trigger Vera passive CR)

    - Kayron (AoE + self buff)

    - Rose (better tank than Ravi + party Atk buff + single cleanse)

    - Achates (also good replacement as tank with AoE cleanse + heal and generally a better morale team)

    While Tenebria is very good debuffer, she doesn't give good morale when teamed up with Tamarinne.

    Also look out for Landy.

    After her buff next week, she would be better than Vildred and you can bring her to beat Vera easily.

    General purrgis & Chloe also good team for Wyvern 13. 

    Easy CR manipulation & 1 guaranteed debuff.

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    2020.11.21 11:39 (UTC+0)

    think wide, Im 3 month old player and here is the thing, hitter, deffbreak, att up, def up, heal sustain, cleanse, immunity, another debuf. so fill the role with as few heroes as possible. for example
    -tamarine can fill sustain heal, mini cleanse and att up role
    -aras for deff break and def up

    any stage have different requirement so u can switch it later,
    commander lorina is really terrifying on hell raid and enough for solo hitter better u use her
    and u dont need achates when u have tamarine (PvE based)

    tips for now
    - up kayron for aoe because teneb is the only aoe u have
    - speed tuning your ice character for w12, so the speed different between ur deff breaker main hitter is only +- 5 (ex: my sigret speed is 182 and karin speed 187)
    - u can up both rose or just shadow rose, shadow rose deff break is really something and can be use almost on every PvE content and all hunt

    - champion zerato, he is shining on stage with debuffer  (u can up him later after u get all abys lifsteal set)

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    2020.11.21 12:01 (UTC+0)

    To begin with, I would recommend getting some patience. It is normal that there are times in the game where you feel stuck. I think this is familiar to everyone. You already have a pretty good selection of heroes, it is important that there is a Tamarine - she is the real queen of PvE. Of those heroes that are waiting for pumping, I would pay attention to the following: 

     G.Purrgis -Top Hero for Wyvern. He does not need skill upgrades, and build him Juno HP + Def to the maximum, which is not difficult enough. It is useful in both PvE and PvP.

     C.Zerato -This guy can use Abyss gear while being very helpful. An excellent choice for Azimanak hunting. It is useful in other areas of PvE as well as PvP.

     F.Kluri -this is probably the best 3 * in the game. Useful both in different areas of PvE and PvP.

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