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Guild war connection error resulting in missing token and robbed of a win

Hello to whoever this may be relevant to.

I was participating in a guild war battle in which I won both rounds, but received a connection error at the end of the 2nd round. Upon reconnection, not only were the 2 wins not counted, I did not even get back the token to do a rematch. As such, I was essentially denied a battle, and the medals that could be won as a result (which I had won btw)

Now it shows that I have zero tokens and the person I was battling and lost connection to still has full health and cannot be battled. My log record also shows that I only had 2 battles, entirely voiding the 3rd one, which is really frustrating as I was in an spares with good WiFi and data at the time. After all, medals are already so hard to come by, and this is just a waste of effort.

I don't expect to be compensated for this bug, but just want to highlight this really annoying connection error that causes these types of mishaps. Literally feels like I had just been robbed.

Best regards,


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