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Hero concept [2]

First I've never really been someone to suggest things like this because I normally don't have time for it with work and I can't draw however I have had some ideas on my mind which i thought would be cool.

Hero name: Albert "Ace" Kites  4 star hero with the color green and cancer

Background: I'm not sure where to fit his background into the game's lore but the idea of a guy who was given a fortune told to him by a long forgotten fortune teller convinced him that in order to achieve his goals he would need to gain mastery of fate itself. With that as his driving force he sought out those he believe could provide him with clues on finding Fate the master of choices. While pursuing this path he developed a love for gambling especially cards he gained the reputation of being always one step ahead of the other players in any game he participated in. Earning the nickname "Ace" from his impressive winning streaks he continued to pursue his main goal. 

This is just my idea of his background.

Description: He's about 5'10 and considers himself well dressed where ever he is. Always willing to pass the time with a quick game of cards he has 3 different decks inside his jacket that he wears.( A long full body jacket I guess) Most people might consider him an evil guy at a distance with the glasses he wears but that's just an intimidation tactic to throw off the others when playing. (I guess the imagine I had was of a grown up version of Kaiba with glasses)

S1: Wild card- Albert channels his will into the deck and selects the right card for the job. This attack has a chance to decrease hit, decrease defense, or target the enemy hit. Each time a debuff is applied it cannot be reapplied until the target has be hit with each debuff. (So if he targets Tama with this move it has a chance to do either one of the debuffs but once one has been applied if he targets Tama again he would be unable to inflict a previous debuff until all have been done also if used on a new target it doesn't reset which debuffs can be applied.) Each debuff has a 15% chance and improved to 40% with investment. Remember only 1 debuff will be randomly chosen should it be applied.

S2: Stacked Deck- This ability only activates if the target of wild card does a non attack move. Albert activates his trap card inflicting aoe dmg and applying the debuff to all enemies. (Who doesn't want to activate their trap card.) When awakened this ability gives Albert increased effect chance by 50 for 1 turn.

S3: Hand of Fate- Albert reveals his hand showing that he's held the outcome of the fight in his hands all along. This move turns any buffs on the enemies into random debuffs and decreasing their combat readiness by 25%. 5 Turn cd. Can be made to 4 with mola's. Also when soulburned your team gains the enemies buffs for 1 turn. The move can be resisted however it deals no dmg. 

I'd appreciate any thoughts regarding this idea. Please note that I've got no idea how broken the abilities would be or if its possible so tweak the numbers as desired but overall I think it would be cool. If this looks good I'll throw in his ML idea as well.

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    2020.11.19 06:43 (UTC+0)

    my heroe idea is called Destock :v, XD

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    2020.11.19 07:11 (UTC+0)

    Seems fun even if the S3 is OP.
    S1 seems a little convoluted and maybe should just be something simpler like "Can't activate the same debuff twice in a row" or "randomly orders the 3 debuffs at the start of the match".
    S2 seems cool making your opponent choose between taking damage or not using support skills.
    S3 would already be super strong just turning the buffs into debuffs. Even then probably have it only randomly change up to 2 buffs into debuffs or something. Hard to say the best way to balance it though.

    Interesting idea though!

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