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A team for Wyvern, Alexa or Chloe or ...? [14]

Hey guys , I want some recommendation for Wyvern hunt. Actually, I'm using Alexa, Furious, Angelica and Tamarinne. I'm building G.Purgis maybe to change Angelica, but idk if its a good idea to change Alexa for Chloe (got her recently). 
I will greatly appreciate your comments.

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    2020.11.18 19:51 (UTC+0)

    If you are talking about w13,then Chloe will guarantee you at least one debuff so you need to land at least one more instead of two

    You may do more damage with Alexa but Chloe makes it safer

    Use some other SW than Tama if you need a SW

    You can keep angelica or put Ainos(she is taranor guard v2)if you have her and put Celestine on her

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    2020.11.18 19:54 (UTC+0)

    Just make sure that the Dragon is Debuffed all the time with 2+ Debuffs  , That's what im suffering from and im going to replace my Alexa with Sigret for that ( just Molagora needed ).

    Never tested Chloe but what if you started Phase 2 with - 2 CD of S2  ... What if you miss with 15% res even once  ...

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    2020.11.18 21:53 (UTC+0)

    For W13, Tamarine has pretty much run her course as seen by her 0.1% usage rate in the statistics. Given the need to stack debuffs she is just one more unit that isn't contributing to that. Losing the attack and CR push hurts but the extra damage from a third dps, her not CR pushing wyvern, and reduced damage taken from having 3 debuffs up make up for it.

    I would aim to either solo tank with Angelica or G.Purg and run 3 dps. G.Purg/Angelica+Chloe+Furious+Alexa should work well. If you have Junkyard Dog, from GG collab, it might be a good choice for Chloe for more debuff stacking. If you can get your hands on a Sigret instead of a Chloe you would be in perfect shape. You can even find some budget builds on youtube where they run 3 DPS and 1 tank. I believe the team for that was Crozet+Alexa+T.Guard+Furious with some of them only being 5* so this should give you an idea of how it would work.

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    2020.11.18 22:59 (UTC+0)

    you just need lvl 50 alexa and lvl 50 tguard. no need to 6* those two. 

    gpurgis I think lvl 60 is needed. 

    if you have ssb, then she will be your fourth hero. 

    no need for a healer. 

    you want gpurgis to die at the 4th boss cooldown. before the barrier phase. 

    other heroes needs 65 effectiveness. 65 or 60? i cannot recall. 

    and you want some decent def and hp on them. 

    maybe 1k def and 12k hp? 

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    2020.11.19 04:58 (UTC+0)

    My team: Tank, Support, 2 DPS

    Fully recommend building the General to 6 star, stack him with all the hp/armor sets
    Proof of Valor is best friend though I did run budget 3star Egg until I finally got Valor
    Hp 20k +
    Defense 1600
    Mola max on 2nd skill

    Never tried other water tank as General Purg reduces my speed requirement

    Furious can be 5star running song of stars ideally
    65 effectiveness
    Mola to increase skill effect chance

    Same as above, artifact : Sira Ren

    Could fill in the support role but I prefer her as damage dealer

    Any combination of the below, have either Karin or TGuard (Not both) for the priceless defense break

    All the DPS will run Day Dream Joker
    All DPS requires at least 85% Crit (Furious S2 lowers this requirement)
    All DPS requires 65% Effectiveness

    My common sets are: Focus + Attack/Destruction/Rage




    Good luck!

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    2020.11.19 09:41 (UTC+0)

    I would recommend using G Purrgis with 3 DD. It is also good to have more than one source of def break.

    I myself use G.Purrgis(PoV)+SSB(DDJ)+Luluca(Kaladra). Plus + different DDs who need to raise the level of friendship, because, in fact, the team copes with the three.

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