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Should I get the Bloodstone artifact? [11]

I want another copy of Time Matter and I need one more copy to make Song of Stars 100% hit chance but I am also waiting...for eternity to get Sigurd Scythe.

I have 560 powders collected in a long period of time

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    2020.11.18 11:31 (UTC+0)

    That's a tough call. When it comes to ranger artifacts I would save for at least a copy of Cerise's artifact if they don't change the planned buff on it. Both are defensive but the stealth at beginning of battle is going to be pretty strong in PVP. I shudder to think about attacking a tower in GW with a SSB with that artifact since my strategy is usually to CR push Lilibet or Celine and wipe her off the face of the earth immediately.

    Blooststone has its uses but it depends on your play style. In PVP if you have a tanky bruiser team the heals from her S2 procs and S3 can be veru impactful. In PVE its a nice support item and can help you sustain in Hell/Normal raid if you are undergeared or even be your only heals if you are well geared. It's also fairly cheesy in Trials depending on the current rotations and buffs.

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    2020.11.18 15:45 (UTC+0)

    maybe youre so far behind in the game because u literally cant make any decisions for urself and still make a new thread any time u have to make a choice

    340 posts playing for over a year and ur still asking things like how to build ras or if a +0 neck is good

    u could be taking the worst advice and wouldnt know any better. maybe thats why ur still on hunt11.

    u could prob do hunt13 easy but dont know it because all the "advice" u got made u feel like u cant so u just give up.

    how is someone else gonna convince u to get bloodstone. do u not know what artifacts u have? can u not tell urself whether u have any heroes u would put it on?

    if u bought it, would it actually get used? simple choice. its not a complicated artifact. do u need lifesteal on one of ur rangers right now? if u dont then why would u waste the dust to buy it?

    if me saying "yes" gets u to blow 180 dust then you're honestly doomed in this game and that would explain a lot about ur threads

    sg loves players like u

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    2020.11.18 16:34 (UTC+0)

    If you want to collect, why not? As for usage, I find Bloodstone extremely awkward. It has closer to no use for support ranger since it's scaling damage dealt, on the other hand offense ranger, especially AoE one, SHOULD use arti that can increase output because killing enemies is always better choice than healing, hell if the ranger failed to kill enemies chances are your team WILL take more damage or even getting wiped. SSB can be both and probably also the best Bloodstone user, BUT drink is much superior choice for her

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    2020.11.18 17:43 (UTC+0)

    i got lucky and have two copies of them. 

    this artifact helped me a lot in abyss 102, celine fight. 

    put them on fire schuri and fire lidica. 

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    2020.11.18 22:42 (UTC+0)

    I’d get at least one of watever u need. One bloodstone is better than 3 levels in an artifact imo.

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