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How many units do you have on max friendship? And what are your hopes for the Christmas gifting system? I'd like another thing to spend friendship points on; I would hope that another currency doesn't get introduced.

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    2020.11.18 11:10 (UTC+0)

    About to hit 16 friendship 10s, so not many.

    As for more currencies, doesn't really bother me as long as they make sense.
    The only ones in recent memory are the cores, reforging materials, and dupe coins.

    There are improvements that could be made, but overall they made sense.
    -Cores was the best way to alleviate inventory space.
    -Reforging materials had to be separate from crafting materials because its a separate system and there would be a disparity among players if they just decided to use crafting materials.
    -Dupe coins are a clever implementation, but I can definitely understand the concerns about their acquisition rate.

    Also curious what goodies we will get for Christmas. Highlight will probably be a week of x10 daily summons and MAYBE a random 5 star ticket.

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