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Dagger Sicar - Karkanis with only Mage Heroes!

  • GamerOjisan
  • 2020.11.18 06:32 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 284

Hello everyone!

Made guide for Dagger Sicar Reputation - Eliminate Hell Karkanis with only Mage Heroes!

Easy clear with C.dom, Guider, C.Zerato, Luluca


C.dom can be replaced with another nuker mage

Luluca can be replaced with debuffer mage (stun/sleep/silence)

0 investment on Guider just need to make him level 50 ^.^ (if you already use him as a nuker, even better)

Hope this help you guys to clear it easier!

Like and Sub support really helps me keep going..!!



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