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Dagger Sicar Hall of Trials (edit: it got addressed just as I posted this) [1]

Not sure if anyone has already asked this, but does the Hall of Trials Dagger Sicar reputation require you to reach the score before or after the bonus reputation from killing it in the end. For ex. I was able to kill Archdemon Mercedes for 5.3 mil pts with the kill giving me 700k points to make my total score 6 mil points in the end. However upon completion, my Dagger Sicar reputation did not say I completed it (it is the medium tier repuation that requires at least 5.5 mil pts on a single run not on a preparation day) and yes I didn't do it on a preparation day. Not sure if it's bugged or intended but if intended I hope that gets put in the description is all. Hope I'm not the only one having problems and hope everyone's attempts go well.

And before anyone asks what I used to get 6 mil on it, I used Spec tene (4.4 k atk, 300% critdmg, 140 speed, arti: kal'adra), kitty clarissa (218 speed, her s2 strip is rly nice for this, arti: straks gauntlet but would recommend trying ranons), lilias (19k hp, 200 speed, arti: super duper water gun shooter, used for provoke and lucky dual atks), kizuna ai (19k hp, 187 speed, arti: celestine). And before anyone asks this also, I am a f2p player. I try to be efficient with my farming and picky with my equipment and its very possible for f2p for rise up in this game so just gotta persevere with a lil rng. 

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    작성자 2020.11.18 06:08 (UTC+0)

    Ok, literally just as I posted this. Stove just released a update about known issues and apparently it is bugged. Hope I still get the completion instead of having to wait for the next time to come around so disregard this post unless you looking for ideas to try better in Hall of Trials.

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