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Khawana "Hey There!" bug

Khawana's basic skill, "Hey There!", deals additional damage if the target is debuffed after the attack. There is no other stated condition to deal extra damage. However, if she misses a debuffed enemy she does not deal extra damage.

If an enemy is debuffed by an ally in a turn prior to Khawana's, and Khawana hits, the target will take extra damage, even if Khawana lands neither of her bleed debuffs.

This is in line with the skill, because it doesn't require her to be the one to land the debuffs.


However, if an enemy is debuffed by an ally and Khawana misses, the target does not take extra damage.

This is what I am referring to as the bug. Despite the skill description not stating she has to hit, she does not deal extra damage when the target is debuffed and she misses.


There is a drastic difference between dealing extra damage as long as the enemy is debuffed and only dealing extra damage if the enemy is debuffed and Khawana lands the hit. Also, the skill is currently misleading because it reads like as long as you fulfill the condition, it will deal the extra damage. Uberius's Tooth and Reingar's Special drink are written in the same way, and both still work even if you miss. There is precedent that if extra damage requires a successful hit, it will be stated in the skill, as can be seen in Briar Witch Iseria's passive.

I hope for either her skill description to be changed to state that Khawana only "deals extra damage to debuffed enemies on a successful attack", or for her to be buffed so her S1 does what it says on the label, and ignores misses when dealing extra damage.

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