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SC Mercedes Idea! [2]

“You saved me when my soul was fading, so now I will protect you

                                 WITH ALL THAT I AM!”


Mercedes has awakened new power in Kal, who now has a mind of his own. With her new power, she vows to protect everyone, especially Ras.


Divine bolt

Attacks two enemies with bolts of light. Has a 35% of stun.

Dimensional rupture

Attacks all enemies with a ball of light. As enemies become fewer, the attack becomes higher. Has a 25% chance to grant barrier to the ally with the most HP lost.

Storm of Kal

Kal unleashes powerful storm of lightning, attacking all enemies. Has a 75% chance to inflict stun, and a 35% chance to grant a barrier to all allies for 2 turns.

So this is my idea for a Mercedes specialty change, I hope you like it. I’m just sick of all the hate on Mercedes, and I hope she gets some love soon..

Btw, Maybe with his new power, Kal should be able to talk now, and maybe be played by Matthew Mercer, or Robbie Daymond(or maybe even Ray Chase.) 

Also, this is not for the 2021 contest, just a mere suggestion.

Lots of love❤️❤️❤️❤️


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