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Some questions [2]

1.How does burn work?

For example

Burn the enemy and then apply an atk buff

Apply an attack buff and then burn the enemy

3 other heroes apply burn and R.Carrot detonates them while she is at lv5 with no gear

Does the debuff do damage(on the enemy turn)based on the current state of the caster attack or while the buff is applied

2.If I use a skill that ignores resist and have 100% chance to do something to the enemy with an artifact,can the artifact be resisted? 

3.If I have Dizzy and ML Ara on the team,what artifact would be best to put on them

Ara can attack twice so she have two chances to activate the artifact

All of dizzy skills are aoe

Violin,Abyssal and Sira Ren

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    2020.11.14 14:25 (UTC+0)


    About burn:

     Target receives damage proportional to the caster's Attack(60%) at the beginning of the turn. It ignores 70% of the target's defense. 

    Modifiers are taken into account at the time the debuff is applied. That is, if, say, ML Ara gets an atk buff after casting Burn, it will not increase his damage. 

     For detonation, the same scheme works, that is, you can use Carrot lvl 5 or, for example, a new Art from the event, the damage will be all the same from what Burn inflicted (as far as I remember, detonation increases damage by ~10-20%).

     Regarding ignoring the resist, I speak from my own experience: I used Elphelt with SoS art, soulburn on Ruele. Def break, Sleep worked, as well as the inscription Resist. That is, I conclude that Ignore resistance from the skill does Not apply to the Artifact.

     About Dizzy and ML Ara. I prefer high survivability and 100+ eff (more is better) counterattack builds. And the best artifacts in my opinion: Abyssal-ML Ara, Violin-Dizzy, Sira ren-Tene

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    작성자 2020.11.14 15:38 (UTC+0)

    Ok thanks for the info

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