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A select ticket once a month that lets one choose a hero or an artifcat with high probability is welcomed.

1) The banners are rng as hell and make people very salty.Having to pity summon is depressing, whales & F2P both experience this.

2) The amount of dupes required to imprint is considerable, in 1 year a F2P still will not be able to fully imprint a nat 5 hero. However they can acquire their favorite heroes and be happy playing with them.

3) This will incite players to buy more book marks when they have 2 or 3 imprints on a nat 5 hero to max it out. When you have none for so long, most people are content leaving it that way. If you have a few imprints they are way more likely if not definitelly gonna spend a few to max imprint.

4) This ticket will not apply to newly released heroes or ML banners.

5) This ticket can be hidden behind a monthly thing like dailiy & weekly thingy. Excluding lazy players and rewarding the commited.

6) The ticket should be made that only one can be held by an account at a time, negating haording & people trying to get cheeky.

7) When I use the term imprint here, I am referring to Artifact copies & Hero imprints.

8) There is a minimun of 6 banners a month, so excluding the staunch seasonal banners, players wont know when to use it & most likely regret it the following week. They still gonna be salty after this. ROFL.

E7 has potential to take over gacha gaming. If done right you can have a guranteed minimum of 10 years growth and continued success. 

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    2020.11.11 05:21 (UTC+0)

    They are not going to implement a selection ticket where you can choose the hero/artifact. The percentage rates on the summon banners are available to everyone. Nothing is wrong with having to pity for the unit since there is a 100% guarantee of obtaining the unit. It is not necessary to fully imprint or imprint a unit at all for them to be useful.

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