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Elphelt Even if you are not meta.. [10]

You will always find place in my team

Spez be like: 

"f*** u. I carry you all"

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  • 2020.11.10 19:12 (UTC+0)


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    2020.11.10 19:22 (UTC+0)

    I like units with similar S3 (def break + CC, ignore resist if soulburn) like F. Kluri and A. Cat. In combination with single target DD, they can immediately remove an important target.

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    2020.11.10 19:41 (UTC+0)

    I still remember when she made a big buzz before her release 😞  ... 

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    2020.11.10 23:25 (UTC+0)

    I want her to be buffed. It pains me that in this game there are characters that are completely overpowered and then there are characters like her.

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    2020.11.10 23:53 (UTC+0)

    Spez seems to want to make a very rude gesture with his hand...

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    2020.11.11 05:26 (UTC+0)

    I still have yet to do anything with mine.

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