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Top 5 Best Soul Weavers in Epic Seven [2]

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  • KKight[Kkight]
  • 2020.11.10 17:29 (UTC+0)
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Hi everyone, this is kkight, a current champion player.

I made a video talking about the top 5 best soul weavers in the game currently.

Notice that soul weavers can be diverse and they are good in different situations. 

Therefore the top 5s are not in specific rank order.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/lmzqzr470kg

Hope this video is helpful for the early to mid game players out there to decide which soul weaver to build.

Make sure to drop a like or comment on video and also consider subscribe my channel.

In summary:

Honorable Mentions: Sinful Angelica, Blood Moon Haste,  Magic Scholar Doris

Top 5: Tamarinne, Ruele of Light, Diene, Angelic Montmorancy, Roana

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    2020.11.10 18:08 (UTC+0)

    Fast advice: Make shorter videos. 

    ( Angelica is my MV , she Helped most players when there was no SC Momo or Roana ) .

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    2020.11.11 01:18 (UTC+0)

    TDLR not Destina

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