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[Closed] Epic Seven 2021 Fan Art Contest [21]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2020.11.09 02:00 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 13089

Hello Heirs!

This is GM Dominel.

Can you believe it’s almost 2021? 

Another New Year with Epic Seven!

In celebration of the new year, we are holding a special 2021 x Epic Seven fan art contest!

This event will take place for all of our players across the globe at the same time!


Whoever does will win 2,021 Skystones + 2,000 Skystones + 30 Galaxy Bookmarks + Epic Seven 2021 Calendar!


Let’s get straight to it!

(All entries are welcome! Regardless of skill!)


[Epic Seven 2021 Fan Art Contest – Preliminaries]

1. Schedule11/9(Mon) 02:00 ~ 12/6(Sun) 14:59 UTC

2. Preliminaries Results Announcement: 12/16(Wed)

3. Participant Eligibility: All heirs above 16 from Korea/Global/Asia/Europe Servers

4. How to Participate: 

 1) Subject: Fanart should express the subjects “Epic Seven” and “2021”

 2) Size Standards:
 - Please keep a 4:3 ratio with a width of at least 1000 pixels.

 3) Upload:

 - Upload your submissions to our [2021 Fan Art] message board on STOVE.

 - Be sure to include the following information to be eligible for the contest:             

  • In-game nickname
  • Server 
  • Your artwork’s title 
  • An explanation of your work no longer than 30 lines


 Epic Seven 2021 Fan Art Contest – Preliminaries

 [2021 Fan Art] Message Board


5. Rewards:


# of prize winners




Skystones 2,021+ Epic Seven 2021 Calendar

Excellence Prize


Skystones 1,000 + Epic Seven 2021 Calendar

Participation Prize


Skystones 500 + Epic Seven 2021 Calendar

Popularity Prize


Skystones 500 + Epic Seven 2021 Calendar

Special Prize


Skystones 300 + Epic Seven 2021 Calendar


6. Winner Selection

- Winners will be chosen by a group of judges at Smilegate Megaport.

- Winners will be selected from each server.

- Fan art by 12 Heirs will be selected for the finals.

- Participants may submit more than one entry but they may not receive more than one reward. 

 For example, if you are selected for the Excellence Prize, you will not be selected even if you are eligible for the Special Award.

* The popularity prize and special prize will not take drawing skills into consideration and will use other merits to determine the winners.


 [Epic Seven 2021 Fan Art Contest - Finals]

1. Schedule12/17 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 12/30 (Wed) 23:59 UTC

2. Finals Results Announcements: 2021/1/8(Fri)

3. How to Participate

- 12 winners of the Preliminaries from around the world will be chosen for players to vote on!

* Voting will take place in-game. More information will be shared later via announcements.

* A reward will also be given to Heirs for voting!


4. Prizes:


# of prize winners


Grand Prize


30 Galaxy Bookmarks + 2,000 Skystones



15 Galaxy Bookmarks


 Rules – Please Read!

- Event participants must be 16 and above.

This event will be conducted in accordance with our Event Regulations as outlined on our official website. (Event Regulations

The Epic Seven 2021 Fan Art Contest will take place on STOVE communities. Only Heirs on the Korea/Global/Asia/Europe communities can participate.  

Participants may submit as many entries as they would like in the preliminaries; however, they can only win one prize for their entry. For example, if a player is awarded the Winner Prize, they can not obtain the Runner-Up/Participation/Popularity/Special Prize as well.

Participants may submit as many entries as they would like; however, if entries are uploaded to multiple servers’ communities, only entries to the first submission’s community will be counted. 

Submissions must not exceed a PG-13 rating. Submissions that are excessively political/religious/suggestive or violent will be disqualified.   

All entries that do not follow the UGC Support Policy will be excluded.


- Work that violates copyrights will be excluded from participating in the event and any disadvantages resulting from this will be the responsibility of the participant.

- If any participants are caught cheating during the event, the event submission will be canceled.

- All entries and selected winners may be published on Epic Seven’s official communities. By submitting an entry to the Epic Seven 2021 Fan Art Contest, you consent to your work being used for official promotions. 

- Epic Seven 2021 Calendar delivery may be postponed indefinitely or changed to an in-game reward in areas where overseas shipments are impossible due to COVID-19.

- Further information about the voting process and rewards will be announced via a separate post.

All participants are welcome regardless of experience.

Let’s ring in 2021 together!

As always, thank you all for your love and support for Epic Seven 💖


Thank you.

포스트 21

  • 2020.11.09 03:13 (UTC+0)

    You can only be 16 and up?

  • images
    2020.11.09 03:33 (UTC+0)


  • images
    2020.11.09 05:25 (UTC+0)

    make a galaxy bookmark chain like a rapper would wear & ppl will go ham

  • images
    2020.11.09 09:41 (UTC+0)

    oh! calendar...

    unfortunatelly I am so bad at arts. :( 

  • images
    2020.11.09 09:47 (UTC+0)

    I wish you guys would give something to every participants like 7 Deadly Sins GC though. When 7ds started this fan art event few weeks ago, the art forum in that game got flooded with fan arts because everyone want 30 gems that every participants got. And it make the forum and the subreddit look lively because you dont need much art skill to get a nice reward.

  • images
    2020.11.09 13:47 (UTC+0)

    Greetings, I participated on the last pixiv contest and convinced two other friends to participate. They got really excited because they like drawing a lot and submitted several pieces for the contest. 

    We got basically no rewards for participating, no criteria of how the winner was chosen and the winners didnt even look that fair. 

    If you guys are going to be checking every entry to the contest, I believe you should give a fair reward to anyone. 

    I know you are usually too generous and we are spoiled, but 300 hundred skystones is not worth the time of most people here. 

    This week for the anniversary you basically gave out 70 summons out of nowhere. I'm not saying you give an astronomical prize, but giving 30-50 bookmarks to everyone who participated looks like a fair token of appreciation. 

    The first prizes are not even worth 100 dollars in shop value that costs nothing to you. There is a massive amount of rewards you can hang out, you need to be more creative yourselves! 

  • images
    2020.11.09 13:50 (UTC+0)

    Also please, divide the contests by server. 

    It feels extremelt frustrating to see only one or two winners in the europe server every single time. 

  • images
    2020.11.09 14:36 (UTC+0)

    Riolet when??? We want now the rotations!

  • images
    2020.11.10 00:39 (UTC+0)

    I participated in the art contest in 2019 to celebrate new year 2020 and the Pixiv contest to give my skin design concept for a character, I wasn't particularly good at drawing but I learned to for the sake of these contests. Took me more or less a month to finish drawing for each art in my free time. Didn't win, no consolation prize or participation prize for everyone who entered, wasn't worth the time. Tired days. 

    I took another look at this reward, realized it doesn't look much similar to the previous contest. I can't believe I was tempted to enter with these small rewards. Not trying to discourage anyone, if you want to enter the contest please do so and don't expect too high, and do your best.

  • images
    2020.11.10 03:50 (UTC+0)

    no 2 liefs for participation, sad :(

  • images
    2020.11.10 07:02 (UTC+0)

    where we can submit it? sorry cant find any

  • images
    2020.11.10 08:09 (UTC+0)

    >winners will be chosen by a group of judges at Smilegate Megaport.

    Just like last time when 2 dubious guy with identical artstyle to the official arts & no single previous artwork published on Pixiv won?

  • images
    2020.11.10 11:13 (UTC+0)

    not worth

  • images
    2020.11.16 17:48 (UTC+0)

    The prizes are worthless, the choice of the winner is hidden from us (spoiler: an artist with a bunch of followers or an art style like in EpicSeven will win). I spent about a couple of weeks at Pixiv Skin Contest to get nothing. Thanks,  great contest. Good luck to the participants, you are my heroes

  • images
    2020.11.30 14:32 (UTC+0)

    after the last fan art contest, this one feel like a joke

  • images
    2020.12.01 11:47 (UTC+0)

    Hello, GM Dominiel! 

    I hope you're having a great time and a wonderful day, I'm writing this because i have a question with the width..

    Does the width have to be 1000 Maximum or Minimum 1000, because i want to send my entry while correctly following the requirements.

    I hope you reply to this message and thank you so much for reading and lending me a bit of your time to reply to this :D

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