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QoL Improvement - display artifact in team selection page [4]

It would be nice if the artifact that is equipped by the heroes can be displayed and switched in the team selection page. With all the new artifacts for farming exp, friendship, event currency there is a constant need to switch around artifacts and it's quite troublesome to scroll through the hero list for that, and missing out even 1 artifact can lead to huge losses if we activate repeat battling. This will also let players know if they're about throw an arena or guild war battle with wrongly equipped daydream joker or side story artifacts...

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    2020.11.08 20:23 (UTC+0)

    and why arent u using the equipped tab?

    they just added filters to it too. u can find anything fast.

    if u say u need to see what art is on heroes because you might forget then by that logic u also need to see what gear they have in case u unequipped for something and forgot to switch back. 

    1) thats ur fault

    2) why do u need that when the equipped tab already does everything u say u want in OP and u can access it before you go into battle without switching screen. use it.

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    작성자 2020.11.09 05:19 (UTC+0)

    Ever heard of QoL improvements? I don't see how the suggestion would inconvenience to anyone. Unless you're some rank 10 noob who has 20 heroes in your roster, scrolling through the equipped tab to find each hero among hundreds of equipment mules before every arena battle is not as easy as you claim. Reach end game before you criticize

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    2020.11.09 15:16 (UTC+0)

    did u not read the part where i said they just added filters....youre not scrolling through mules anymore. its very fast to find any hero.

    its almost as if u see something other than "yes" in my reply and rage out thinking im trying to put u down, huh?

    sounds like a u problem. try reading better.

    "I don't see how the suggestion would inconvenience to anyone"

    did i say anything about inconvenience? i said what u ask for in OP is already in the game and they JUST updated it to do exactly what u need just as fast.

    is not about ur suggestion being good or bad, its ur suggestion already being in game.

    **** ur thumb less and use the equipped tab more.

    also hahahaha someone simply tells u how to do what u want and ur response is "yeah well ur prob low rank" XD ok little child please calm down

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    작성자 2020.11.10 18:35 (UTC+0)

    Who's the one raging out here? Pot calling the kettle black... Sorry, while I know about and frequently use the filters, I don't see any option to remove mules (if you do, please show me, assuming you even have mules). The point of my suggestion is to make it convenient for players to look at and change the artifact before going into battle instead of searching tab by tab for each hero's artifact. Writing an 8-line reply with profanities and asking *me* to calm down... indisputable logic!

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