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Artifacts that truly need some changes [2]

Title says it all. Since SG want to make ridiculous buffs to artifacts, i'm just gonna suggest some reasonable ones for artifacts that nobody really use.

Cradle of Life- A 5* that, for SG reasons, only last 1 turn and only applies from basic attacks, compared to the 4* Sira-Ren that can activate on any attack. I want to suggest 2 options'

1,If it's gonna be limited to basic attacks, make the debuffs last 2 turns. 


2.Change it from basic attacks to single attacks, so it helps heroes like Sigret, the banner hero it was attached to. I know that change would hurt Purrgis and Holiday Yufine, but I have different artifact preferences for those two.

Samsara Prayer Beads-Probably should be treated as a defensive version of Alexa's Basket.Give it Greater Defense buff.

Doctor's Bag-A one time healing effect is pretty terrible, especially in grind fest matches of bruiser vs bruiser. At best, I can only suggest to make it activate on any non-attack skill and give it a 3 turn cooldown.

Unfading Memories- Keeping it simple, increase the base healing to 5%(Max 10%)

Bloody Rose- A VERY simplistic 5* artifact. Add a chance to inflict Vampiric Touch, maybe base 15%

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    2020.11.08 05:33 (UTC+0)

    Agreed.  These bad 5* AF that very hard to find a reason to use.

    Samsara Prayer Beads - Instead of G.DEF.  Maybe add chance to grant continuous heal buff for 1 turn.  This will help more survival and useful even hero doesn't get attacked like DEF.

    Doctor's Bag - The worst 4-5* AF and I don't think add cooldown will help. After add 3 turns cooldown, lower 3 to 2 times use non-attack skill or grant all allies immunity for 1 turn after dispel or BOTH.

    <Some AF that should get buff too >

    Black Hand of Goddess - While Midnight Bloom give 15% cri rate to team and any class can equipped.  This AF give cri rate more but only wearer and decrease effect each turn.  So add %ATK at the beginning of the turn and stack up to 3 times like thieves AF.

    Merciless Glutton - Add increases the damage of the next attack by 15%.  Increase CR% up to 20%.

    Alabastron - Add 25-50% chance to grant stealth for 1 turn. Can activate every 2 turns.

    Circus Fantasia - Add increase 2% SPD at end of turn. Can stack 5 times.

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    2020.11.08 20:45 (UTC+0)

    "I know that change would hurt Purrgis and Holiday Yufine, but I have different artifact preferences for those two."

    so ur willing to hurt two heroes just because u personally use diff arts.

    got it. stopped reading. any suggestions after an opener like that should be ignored.

    also lol "help sigret" like she needs help carrying my W13 to 99% success rate with DDJ.

    an art that is on a banner is automatically best in slot for that hero now? sigret just HAS to use cradle of life and NEEDS the help? hahahahaha. look beyond the drawing. just cuz it has sigret on the front doesnt mean it was meant for her.

    cradle of life was literally SG saying "here is your s1 debuff for luna" way back. 

    that wasnt sigret's first banner. so ur logic on her needing to use it is flawed cause she came with a diff art before.

    tama banner is up. she come with idol cheer. idol cheer is best art for her? no way at all.

    anyone can write words on the internet. doesnt mean ur ideas and opinions are good and valid.

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