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What currencies are in Epic Seven?

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Take a look below for a list of currencies in Epic Seven.




How to Use


Energy needed for Adventure.

Adventure/Spirit Altar/ Automaton Tower/ Expedition


A heavenly leaf known as the favorite snack of gods. Can be traded for entry tickets.

Shop - General


A currency used across all continents to purchase various goods.

Hero Promotion/ Equipment Enhancement / Sanctuary


An extremely valuable jewel needed when trading in high-end goods. 

Shop - General/


Breath of Orbis

A material for Sanctuary reconstruction that contains the power of the world.



A leaf that allows you to immediately grow Creatures in the Forest of Souls.

Sanctuary/Skill Enhance/Pet House

Pet Adoption Tickets

An adoption contract made under mutual agreement between Pet and owner.

Pet House

Silver Transmit Stone

A stone earned by transmitting a Hero with Starting 3 Grade or above.

Shop - Transmit Stone/Pet House

Gold Transmit Stone

A mystical item that helps make new connections.

Shop - Transmit Stone

Friendship Points

As your friendship deepens, the petal of the flower that blooms can be exchanged with traders for goods.

Shop - Friendship

Friendship Bookmarks

The more you share, the deeper the connection gets. These Bookmarks let you enter the Infinite Library with the power of friendship.

Summons - Friendship  Summon

Covenant Bookmarks

Open up a special page and make a holy contract using Covenant Bookmarks.

Summons - Covenant Summons

Galaxy Bookmarks

A Bookmark with the power of the universe used to summon unique Heroes who might not normally be found in this world.

Summons - Moonlight Summon

Mystic Medals

This medal allows you to summon Heroes from Orbis, but sometimes it calls Heroes from a different universe.

Summons - Mystic Summons

Powder of Knowledge

Powder capable of dismantling items containing mysterious power and transmitting the hidden knowledge within them.

Shop - Powder of Knowledge

Labyrinth Compass

A must-have for avoiding getting lost in the Labyrinth. It was once a treasure hunter's most beloved item until Purin won it in an auction.


Ancient Coin

Ancient coinage found in Labyrinth. Can be traded for special items.

Shop - Ancient Coin

Abyss Guide β

A must-have for any Abyss explorer, specially designed by Yuna, allowing you to enter anywhere in the Abyss. Now with a reduced chance of exploding.


Proof of Courage

A token given after completing Urgent Missions. Can be donated to your Guild and used to purchase items from the Captain Shop.

Guild - Donate

Guild Crest

A crest issued by Ezera and Taranor. The owner of this crest is granted the authority to mobilize soldiers in mock battle.

Guild - Guild War

Brave Crest

A medal given to honor a Hero. It can be traded for important items.

Guild - Member Shop

Commander's Armband

An armband given to commanders serving in Guild Wars that can be exchanged for rewards. Win mock battles by taking an opponent's armband.

Guild - Member Shop


Honor Coin

This currency can be used to purchase items in the Guild Shop.

Guild - Captain Shop


Only those who have this Flag can enter the Arena.


Conquest Points

A symbol of strength. Can be used to buy special items.

Shop - Conquest Points

Glory Crest

A crest awarded to skilled gladiators. Used to trade for items that will honor their glory.

Shop - Conquest Points


Endurance Crest

A crest awarded to gladiators who endured endless hardship. Used to trade for items that will increase their worth.

*Glory Crest and Endurance Crest will be provided alternatively every other Regular Arena Season.

Shop - Conquest Points

Wisdom's Gaze

A pendant capable of reading the memories of its owner, helping them find items with which they have a deep connection.

Hall of Trials - Exchange

MolaGora Seed

A seed for growing MolaGora in the Forest of Souls.



A screaming grass root

Skill Enhance


A screaming grass root

Skill Enhance

Covenant Coins

A commemorative coin created by the powers of destiny when you encounter Heroes you have already formed connections with

Shop - Covenant Coin Shop

Galaxy Coins

A rare coin created by the powers of destiny when you encounter special Heroes from other worlds multiple times.

Shop - Galaxy Coin Shop

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