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What kind of Ingredients are there?

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Check the following for the types of Ingredients in Epic Seven.





Penguins provide a great amount of EXP. when used to enhance heroes.

Penguins with the same element as the hero can provide higher EXP. 

 Penguins can only be used as enhance ingredients and cannot be promoted.


Phantasmas can used for Promoting Max lvl. Heroes and must be the same grade as the hero being promoted.

Phantasmas will be Max lvl. when obtained for the first time and can be promoted to higher grades. 

Strength of Ilryos

Ingredient for Memory Imprinting Ras.

Can be obtained from clearing Adventure stages.

World Fragment

Ingredient for Memory Imprinting Mercedes.

Can be obtained after clearing A Crack in the World for the first time.

Unknown Slate

Ingredient for Memory Imprinting 5 Hero.

[Can be purchased in [Shop > Conquest Points]

Conquest Points can be obtained from Victories in Arena




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