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FAQ regarding Episode 3 Update

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2020.10.30 10:00 (UTC+0)
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Here we will try to reply to FAQ about Episode 3 Update.


1. When is it possible to enter Eureka?


Players can enter Episode 3 after clearing Episode 2 10-10. Twisted Core in Cidonia.


2. AP Exchange is locked in Eureka

The AP Exchange will be unlocked after you clear the last stage of every chapter. 


3. There are items that cannot be purchased in the AP Exchange in Eureka

Eureka has 4 kinds of Trust levels and depending on the Trust level you can purchase different items at the Exchange. Some items can be purchased only by increasing the Trust level.


4. How can I check each region’s Trust level?

You can find Trust missions by going to Adventure > AP Exchange > Nation Info > Trust Missions


Players’ Trust level will increase when they complete Trust Missions.


5. How can I increase Eureka’s Trust Level?
 Players’ Trust level will change when they complete Trust Missions.

You can see your current Trust level in each nation as the levels are as follows.

- Trust Level: Distrusted > Neutral > Friendly > Trusted

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