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[Current] Luna & Draco Plate Limited Drop Rate Up [10]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2020.10.28 12:32 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 6933

Hello Heirs!
This is GM Dominiel.

In this Limited Summon Drop Rate Up, meet Luna, an Ice Elemental Hero and a powerful damage dealer who can attack enemies using an advantageous element. Players can also obtain a Warrior exclusive Artifact, Draco Plate that can simultaneously attack and defend.


■ Drop Rate Up Information

1) Schedule: 10/29(Thu) After the maintenance ~ 11/12(Thu) 02:59 UTC

2) Details: 5★ Hero, Luna and the 5★ Artifact, Draco Plate will have a higher summon rate.


■ Guaranteed Summon System

1) Each summon will cause the summon counter to decrease by 1. (Maximum 120 Summons)    

2) If a player does not receive the featured 5★ Hero after 120 summons, then the following summon is 100% guaranteed to summon that hero.     

3) If the featured 5 Hero is summoned, then the Summon Counter is reset.

■ Summon Probability






5 Hero Luna


5 Draco Plate


5 Artifact


4 Hero


4 Artifact


3 Hero


3 Artifact


 Players may check more detailed summon probability by going to Summon > Luna & Draco Plate Drop Rate Up Banner.

 Please Note

- The Drop Rate Up applies only to this Banner during the event period. Players are able to use both the Guaranteed Drop Rate Up Banner as well as regular covenant summons.

- Moonlight Heroes will not appear during Guaranteed Drop Rate Up banners. 

- The target 5★ Hero, will have their probability rate increased to 1% when summoning on this banner and no other 5★ Hero can be summoned.

- The 5★ Hero, Luna can only be obtained in this Limited Drop Rate Up event. After the event ends, she will not be added to the Covenant Summon.

- The 5★ Artifact, Draco Plate, can only be obtained in this Limited Drop Rate Up event. After the event ends, it will not be added to the Covenant Summon.

- This limited Hero and Artifact may be sold in the same or similar form in the future.

■ Hero Introduction

■ Artifact Introduction

Thank you

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    2020.10.28 12:53 (UTC+0)

    Welp hopefully i can get more draco plates and no lunas

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    2020.10.28 12:53 (UTC+0)

    She is garbage.

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    2020.10.28 17:10 (UTC+0)

    Best girl

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    2020.10.28 21:35 (UTC+0)

    Might as well just give us the mola investment back, Tbh the only thing she is useful now is fire expedition since her s1 now can give 15% cr, still would prefer lena for more consistent dps. If you really want to improve her, rework her s2 into a more useful passive. With all the 90 gears now its pretty easy to hit 100% crit chance and would rather prefer a passive more fitting to a nat 5 hero like maybe when hitting a target with s1 apply a unique debuff where its unresistable. And maybe when Luna attacks this unique debuffed enemy with her s1 again it makes her s1 always proc max number of attacks. While you can make her s3 so that when it hits this unique debuffed enemy it damages it for a % of its max health. Probably remove the def break on s3 so players can focus more on speed damage. Maybe give refund option finally for people who might not find a use for her just to shut them up 2 like me but thats all. 

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    2020.10.29 06:53 (UTC+0)

    Did anyone use luna
    She is bad than 3 stars

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    2020.10.29 07:06 (UTC+0)

    nice Exclusive Equipment for Luna. People who are complaining are just not smart enough to realize its potential.

    People have used this hero since its intro last year in a lot of places. They should be thankful that they had this hero coz this hero carried them in a lot of places like the abyss & hunt for example. Many new players who didn't have this hero suffered & had to look for less effective alternatives.

    Many people if not all have +15 skill enhanced this hero. There are many other heroes out there like Sez but not a lot of players who have him at +15 skill enhance. so why people who had mola did +15 skill enhance Luna? 

    This was because since its introduction last year till early this year, people were using her in many places with great success. These people enjoyed a great deal of advantage compared to a new player or a player who missed out on Luna for that time's game content.

    But not they r unsatisfied coz now they don't use Luna anymore. So please don't refund any molas.

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    2020.11.04 11:24 (UTC+0)

    Luna s1 and s3 need a buff. S3 needs some penetration and lower cooldown. Better multis1 should be 2 to 3 attacks after 3 mola .. and get bonus effect if skill 3 on cooldown. 

    S2 could also affect more stats.

    Otherwise..Hopefully she gets buffed to be closer to the npc version we fight in act 3.

  • images
    2020.11.07 14:09 (UTC+0)

    Thanks, been waiting for this banner for some time


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