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SG can you BUFF Celine? [20]

Or can you make an exclusive equipment on her? 

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    2020.10.18 16:24 (UTC+0)

    Shes fine, farm better gear

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    2020.10.18 16:32 (UTC+0)

    I prefer EE. that way we kinda get 3 buff :D

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    2020.10.18 16:35 (UTC+0)

    What?! WHY? 😱

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    2020.10.18 17:27 (UTC+0)

    I talked about her even before and after her release  , Sadly my Best Waifu with trash S1 and S2 , the only usefull thing is S3 , but hard to build her fast and good Damage dealer in the same time .

    I used her many many times in Arena against slow teams but her S2 very rarely did something usefull  .

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    2020.10.18 20:00 (UTC+0)

    Celine is doing better than Pavel, Kawerik, Ray, Haste and Destina. 

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    2020.10.18 20:29 (UTC+0)

    On the one hand, I would not say that she looks weak. On the other hand, it is created for several niche situations, and in them it manifests itself randomly (S2). I sometimes use it on GW, but the problem is that in almost any situation there is a hero to choose from, which will be better than her 

    = _ =

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    2020.10.18 22:24 (UTC+0)

    Rank 46 :)

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    2020.10.18 22:48 (UTC+0)

    Really?? Celine is a huge damage dealer. her s3 can 1 shot Banshee 11, and her s1 deals massive chunks of damage. I don't even have my best gear on her and she makes a big impact. So, like others have said..better gear and use in the right content. I personally have never used her in PvP (maybe here and there in GW) but she's more for taking out ice element bosses

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    2020.10.19 04:18 (UTC+0)

    Um... what? How terribly badly are you using Celine? Shes really good. I’ve been using her a lot and you’re saying she’s bad? How? She does her role perfectly (Including in Arena).

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    2020.10.19 04:25 (UTC+0)

    You mean celine ( Karin's aunty) or Cerise ( Furious's daugter/limited) cause IMO celine is still godlike with good gear in certain condition. Other times she is still really good dps

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    2020.10.20 03:45 (UTC+0)

    IDK she need buff or not but thank for anyone that's put her on def . free win .

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