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How long does it take to 6* units? [12]

  • LittleBlizzard
  • 2020.10.16 13:06 (UTC+0)
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How long does it take to 6* units? I have several 4* max phantasma but lacking phantasma to make it 5*. Anyone know a quick or shortcut for 6* units and the duration of it. Thanks 

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    2020.10.16 13:35 (UTC+0)

    The key is not to 6* faster, but to 6* wisely.

    80-20 rule applies here: You use 20% characters 80% of the time. 6* said 20% is enough.

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    2020.10.16 13:58 (UTC+0)

    depends. If you end game player you can make 1 6* unit less than a week. I remember when i make my first 6* (Sez) in a month.

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    2020.10.16 14:20 (UTC+0)

    I took around 3 week for my first 6* and after I build my farmer unit I now have 4 units 6*. The secret is to always have food units while you progress the game. After your done the main farmer and can clean the content with 1-2 main units, the 6* progress will speed up a lot. It just take some time and patience.

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    2020.10.16 14:53 (UTC+0)

    Can be 1 day to infinite/never depends on how long you're farming. Overall should be few weeks, but if you're farming Hunt then it will be longer

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    2020.10.16 18:00 (UTC+0)

    If you focus on it exclusively it can be fairly fast like other comments have said. Later you also run into the issue of actually having gear for characters. I personally have two 6 star units waiting to be geared so there is no point to 6 star anything else. If you wait 6 star until you can properly gear a unit you will eventually have a backlog of fodder and can 6 star a unit at will.

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    2020.10.16 19:57 (UTC+0)

    Depends on a lot of factors - speed of farm team, luck with fodder drops, how much time you can dedicate, etc. So, it's better for me to just offer some tips instead.

    Keep a max-level black dog on the team if you want to maximize spd, and have it hold "To A New World", if available. It already gets boosted exp, and because of how exp spills over on the team, his being maxed will just give the other units more. Plus, since he's carrying the exp artifact, you have the potential of your main farmer  having an arti needed for boosting their dmg or whatever. 

    Only farm where you can farm. The difference in exp gain between the various chapters is not so much that it pays to force yourself to farm somewhere that takes forever, or worse where you have trouble surviving. 

    12 AP side-story nodes are usually the best bang for your buck in terms of the mix of exp and event currency. Otherwise, better off with adventure. Pick a Ch that has both a catalyst you need, and that catalyst in its AP shop. 

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    2020.10.17 02:51 (UTC+0)

    Depends how much of a tryhard you are. You can get a six star in a single day if you want.

    A lazy bum like be gets one done in about a week.

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    2020.10.17 05:12 (UTC+0)

    i think its 3-4 days depending if you login on the bonus energy (2x) and use energy from web events

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    2020.10.18 00:58 (UTC+0)

    Sadly, the only shortcut you'll find is all the various type of Phantasma. If you're willing to pass on the SSS imprint achievement, you could use 3* heroes you roll as fodder to upgrade the phantasma, but I'd suggest you not to do that, as this series of achievements which can be easily done with 3* heroes can give you around 600 bookmarks

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