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Wyvern 11-12 [8]

  • LittleBlizzard
  • 2020.10.16 12:38 (UTC+0)
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I currently run Wyvern 11 with Angie, SSB, Sigret and Crozet. I know crozet is not that good for this and i only can auto it with a low win rate.

Was wondering what unit i have or should try to get could be replaced in this setup especially crozet? I have dizzy, alexa, t.guard and Karin. Thanks!

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    2020.10.16 12:54 (UTC+0)

    -Make Angy 6* first , give her your best HP gear to tank .

    -Fast T.G ( Speed gear + Effectiveness ) ,Max & Lock S1.

    -Alexa ( DDJ Arifact) , max S1 only , lock S1 for Auto .

    -SSB ( DDJ ) .

    If your Sigret with Max molagora replace Alexa .

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    2020.10.16 14:00 (UTC+0)

    It's all gear dependent. Most likely a speed and damage issue. Crozet is a good unit. Decide whether angie or crozet will tank, and replace the other with another dps unit. If you're having trouble maintaining def break then tguard can help.

    If you opt for angie or crozet as tank they will need be to fairly fast (+175 spd) to not get lapped by wyvern. Do note that after w11-12 the w13 will need at least 2 or more debuffs to only attack frontline.

    I do w13 with crozet, alexa, furious, and mistychain with 95% success.

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    2020.10.16 18:32 (UTC+0)

    I would recommend that you use more than 1 source of Def break - this team will be more reliable. That is, in addition to the SSB, you need T.G. / Karin. The speed of your characters is also an important factor. All DMG Dealers should have 170+ spd (or better, about 200).

     Angi(Candlestick, Rod, Shimadra etc), SSB(DDJ/Bloodstone)+TG(DDJ)+Sigred(DDJ). Here you need a fairly strong Angi, but the damage of such a team is quite high.

     Angi+SSB(DDJ)+TG(DDJ)+Dizzy. This option is suitable if the Angi cannot handle tanking.

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    2020.10.16 21:50 (UTC+0)

    Drop the Crozet for Karin and your team should be all set honestly. If you're not looking to clear it too quick, Karin just needs max crit however you can get it so she can get in those double hit sand you can all but ignore atk. Otherwise, Karin can easily be the main or sub DPS for W11 and 12 if you have the gear for that, whereby she not only is the def breaker, but can then follow up w/ big S3 dmg. Plus if you give her Junkyard Dog she can add even more debuffs to make life even easier on your Sigret. This is basically the team I run on W13. 

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