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Galaxy summon pity? [36]

Over the course of these last 6 months I been saving all my galaxys over 100 Galaxy bookmarks between my 2 accounts.

After a long and painful summoning session I got not a single ML 5 wonder this game reward structure of this game,  I gotten less and less enjoyment of this game these last couple of months,  lots of quality of life changes have been added to the game over this last year,  so I was wondering is it time for a galaxy summon pity? 

I been playing for over 18 months,  and done over 120 galaxy summons yet to pull an ML 5, 

I almost finished my second rotation of mystic pity as f2p,  and all in all it really makes me question this game reward structure... 

Is all the energy and time you spend clearing hell raid and automaton tower every single month worth anything other than elsons and wandas? 

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    2020.10.15 22:53 (UTC+0)

    Ah yes, so even tho your account has a arby, Atywin, Aravi, Biseria and possibly others that aren’t on your profile page, that’s not enough huh? A member of a top 20 guild complaining about not getting ml 5* units despite having at least 4 of them.

    meanwhile there’s plenty of people with 0 or 1 who have been playing since release day, please sir, **** off.

    for proof of needs be
    edit: sorry for the bad picture.

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    2020.10.15 23:10 (UTC+0)

    This has been beat like a dead horse.

    As much as people hate it, Mystic Pity was their answer to ML 5* pity and the low Rates/Galaxy acquisition. Galaxy Summon is just another avenue to get ML units. The key rewards from Hell Raid and Automaton Tower are not the Galaxy Bookmarks. They are valuable but not the main reason to do this content.

    If that picture in the other comment is actually you, you have been very fortunate when it comes to Mystic Summons if you are F2P and have never gotten a ML 5 from Galaxy. If after 18 months you haven't come to terms with how the ML system works it might be time to move on. There are plenty of other games like E7 that may or may not be more rewarding.

    Hopefully you can realize how fortunate you are to have those MLs and learn to enjoy the game more.

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    2020.10.15 23:47 (UTC+0)

    No, having a galaxy bm pity would be to much pay to win. Like what Carefire said, mystic was the other way of getting a ML5. I know the feels of not getting an ML5 from galaxy because, I also never got one. But having a pity system for galaxy bm would be to game breaking. I started losing faith in galaxy summoning, so just do what you have been doing, saving mystic medals. 

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    2020.10.16 00:38 (UTC+0)

    Even assuming there was a galaxy summon pity, the counter, at best given the pity we already have on mystics and rate-up banners, would be 121. In other words, you'd need 605 galaxy bookmarks to hit pity. As such, complaining about not getting anything on 100 marks across 2 accounts, or 120 sporadic accounting of pulls across 2 years, is disingenuous. 

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    2020.10.16 01:06 (UTC+0)

    oof 120 galaxy summons without 5 it hurts tho. lmao. but i think its okay enough since you got somepowerful moonlight heroes...

    i got my bad luck too. but its a gacha game. what you can do? there is mystic summon for pity if you really need to pity

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    2020.10.16 01:23 (UTC+0)

    So as someone said above, you already have Aravi, Arby, Atywin, and you're still whining and b!tching about not having enough?

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    2020.10.16 03:14 (UTC+0)

    Gear pity please! Dont need more heros, need better gears

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    2020.10.16 04:01 (UTC+0)

    have you seen rta ? if they release a pity everyone will just pick ml5  not that its already whats happening 

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    2020.10.16 04:48 (UTC+0)

    Its funny to see people keep asking about Galaxy pity summon 

    Bcos I understand, developer needs money too, so they need something interesting for people to spend their money (like that mystic summon).

    And even if they need that money, they still limit that Purchase so all F2P like u guys still can compete in this game.

    They need money, and still think about people that doesnt give them money...irony 

    So much free stuff they give, new stories, new hero, etc..all that developing, design, and idea, needs money....

    And people keep asking something that never consider the developer's needs.

    A lot of gatcha game dont even give a pity for a normal summon.

    And E7 gave u that pity for a normal summon...

    And then pity for your ML summon (from mystic), so that u could choose which hero u want...

    Now u ask pity summon too from Galaxy summon??

    Whats next?? 

    Keep thinking about your personal happyness, without thinking about developer's needs...

    Just uninstall your E7 and play genshin impact

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    2020.10.16 07:19 (UTC+0)

    Wow so much salt in this post, let me just grab my popcorn and chest hunt on genshin while you pepz work it out. Kek.

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    2020.10.16 10:13 (UTC+0)

    Another post of whinners , complain about everything, even already have *5 ML

    Dude, just stop play e7 ,play GI than you will appriciate ,E7 Dev

    Dont coat you greedy with the name of improvement or balance

    What you want is your only ID have a *** mode 

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    2020.10.16 10:55 (UTC+0)

    You need to do a minimum 15 simultaneous ml summon to get an ml 5*

    20 is better.

    Been doing this for 2 years and haven't failed me yet.

    What I see often is ppl summon their ml bm one at a time. Well of course if you summon like that the odd will against you heavily.

    f2p players weapon in gacha games are time and preparation.

    And also mystic is better ml pity because you can get new ml heroes or heroes that you want.

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    2020.10.17 23:50 (UTC+0)

    Yes please add ML5* pity. i will finally get jvgs kise. mwahahahaha

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