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Just downloaded the game any tips are useful. [2]

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  • 2020.10.10 08:00 (UTC+0)
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    2020.11.06 20:54 (UTC+0)

    Yeah man. Welcome.

    Rush 10-10. Watch guides from Demone Kim and others on youtube. Mogawty has a great intro vid called '30 tips for Epic 7' or something. It's a year old but still sound advice.

    Work on a mono-blue team that can work all the way up to Wyvern 11. Ideally with Angelica or an ice tank as front line, a reliable def breaker (Furious, T. Guard), Alexa as DPS. 

    Build up many max copies of DDJ artifact before you worry about others.

    After getting to W11. Farm gear while building a good Labyrinth/Raid Team. Again, watch YT guides. Use morale calculators online.

    Keep doing story and 100% complete all stages. Fodder gear from story and side story are best way to level gear up.

    Don't worry about PvP until you've 6-starred your Wyvern and Raid teams.

    Abyss and Tower are worth doing too.

    E7 is a resource and time management game. There's a lot of grind. Don't worry about collecting heroes unless they are waifu.

    This will set you up nicely for mid-game.

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    2021.01.26 02:29 (UTC+0)

    What he said.

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