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Humanity and 102 [6]

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  • Kruzerg[Kruzerg]
  • 2020.10.09 16:30 (UTC+0)
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is this the limit of humanity?

i still cant graduate from 102 yet

all those videos youtube their rng is getting carried, poison all triggered, and some of them gear spd over 240-270

what to do...

i could make heroes till 160-180 eff or even 200

but 240+ spd is impossible for now i will lose many effectiveness D:

and you need poison that celine as fast as possible coz after the minion getting ultimate skill or celine got ulti ready

you are doomed

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    2020.10.09 17:39 (UTC+0)

    In order to do that you must


    and roll perfect red gear

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    작성자 2020.10.09 17:42 (UTC+0)

    this is ******** man, several times celine hp 10-15% left

    and that gold minion  cleanse my 3 poison stack just like that

    when celine hp below 40% hp its just fcked up the minion can take a turn whenever they want to cleanse, immune buff, blink 2-3x

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    2020.10.09 19:14 (UTC+0)

    I'm thinking of trying it with Kizuna AI and Celestine so I can get some sustain without non-attack punish. It'll be a while though since I foddered that artifact a long time ago. In the meantime, I'll attempt perfect gear and/or an update will come to make some aspect of it easier.

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    2020.10.09 21:11 (UTC+0)

    Just have to power creep it. You will need RNG, well itemized upgraded gear, and a set of heroes with certain mechanics plus synergy between them.

    I honestly won't be pushing the new floors until even more floors come out that have gear attached to them. The items you get for clearing it can definitely help progress your account some but for me personally it isn't worth the headache.

    Either way, best of luck!!!

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