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[Update] 9/3 Update Content [106]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2020.09.02 10:33 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 89311

Hello Heirs!

This is GM Dominiel.


The main stage of Epic Seven's third episode is the northern continent, Eureka! 

You will be able to see exciting stories that traverse the past and the present.

Also, we have updates such as the opening of the World Arena Endeavor Season and the addition of new Exclusive Equipment,

We also have convenience improvements prepared for you such as bulk promotion and separate Artifact inventory!

We have a lot of updates prepared for you this week. Please see below for more details. 

1. Episode 3 Update - Hymn of a Wailing Tundra

The main story of Episode 3, "Hymn of a Wailing Tundra," which encompasses the past and the present, begins in Eureka, the northern continent! 


The Continent of Eureka, where four nations are located!

 New enemies appear as Ras and his companions head to Lefundos.


Are you ready to find Eureka's hidden truth and set off on a new adventure?


■ Title Screen Change

The Title Screen will be changed following the Episode 3 update. 

■ Episode 3 AP Exchange System 

A representative NPC from each of the four nations that cover Eureka will be in charge of the Exchange Shop. 


[AP Exchange Unlock Condition]

- The AP Exchange will be unlocked after you clear the last stage of every chapter. 


[How to Use]

- The items that can be purchased in the Episode 3 AP Exchange Shop will vary according to your Trust level. 

- Players will have to increase their Trust level in order to purchase certain items in the AP Exchange Shop. 

- The NPC’s expression and the items you can purchase will change as you increase your Trust level. 

[Trust Level]

- You can see your current Trust level in each nation and increase your trust level accordingly. 

- Trust Level: Distrusted > Neutral > Friendly > Trusted

- A story will be opened when Trust level reaches a certain level. 

[Trust Missions]

- You can find Trust missions by going to Adventure > AP Exchange > Nation Info > Trust Missions

- Players’ Trust level will increase when they complete Trust Missions. 

■ Monster

-The 2-star Monster, Lefundos Wizard, that players can meet in Eureka will be added. 


■ Episode 3, Chapter 1 – South Lefundos

[How to Enter]

Players can enter this stage after clearing [10. Twisted Core] in Episode 2, Chapter 10. 




- Episode 3, Chapter 1, South Lefundos consists of a total of 10 quests. 

- After completing all 10 quests, players can obtain the chapter clear reward of 50 Skystone. 

[South Lefundos AP Exchange] 

The AP exchange will be available after clearing all the quests in South Lefundos.


 AP Exchange Unlock Condition


 How to Use

   - Collect AP Points from South Lefundos and exchange them for items in the Exchange shop. 

   - The items that you can purchase in the Exchange shop will vary according to your Trust level of the nation you are currently in. 

   - In order to purchase certain items, players will have to increase their Trust level in that nation. 

   - Players can increase their Trust Level by completing Trust Missions. 

   - There is a limit to the number of times players can purchase certain items in the Exchange Shop.

 Main Reward - Helm of Bitter Cold

[Story Journal]

- Chapter 1, A Noble Cause will be added to the Episode 3 Story Journal. 

- Players can receive the background pack, Lefundos Royal Palace as a reward for clearing all quests in Episode 3, Chapter 1. 

2. World Arena Endeavor Season

The second World Arena regular season, Endeavor Season will open. We look forward to your amazing battles this season. 


■ Schedule

- Please see below for the schedule of the World Arena Second regular season.




Pre-Season Ending

9/3 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

Endeavor Season Beginning

9/4 (Fri) 03:00 UTC ~ TBD

Endeavor Season Ending



Entry Conditions

- Account Rank.60 and above

- Must have more than 24 Heroes with 4 Heroes from each class that are starting grade 2★ or higher. (Excluding Phantasma and Penguins) 

■ Endeavor Season Reward

- At the end of the Endeavor Season, players will receive season rewards according to their final league ranking. 


To access this reward, go to World Arena > Ranking > Season Rewards

[Skin Information]

 The skin image will be revealed through a separate notice during the season. 

[Frame Information]

[Background Pack]


■ Endeavor Season Improvements

[Point deduction policy according to rank]

- The Victory Point deductions according to rank will be improved. 

- The percentage of points deducted after you have played for 72 hours following the last ranking will be adjusted as shown below. 

- The Victory points deduction target has been changed from Master to Gold. 



Victory Points Deduction Target

(Rank Grade)


Percentage of Victory points Deducted

Elapsed Play Time


Master and higher 



72 Hours


Gold and higher



72 Hours



- Improvements will be made so that a notification is displayed when you leave or are forced out of a mock battle room. 

- Improvements will be made to the button’s responsiveness when selecting and banning Heroes. 

3. New Exclusive Equipment

New Exclusive Equipment for the 5 Hero, Cecilia and the 4 Hero Rin will be added to the Hall of Trials Exchange.

Players can obtain Exclusive Equipment from the Hall of Trials Exchange using Wisdom’s Gaze.

Exclusive Equipment stats and skill effects will be applied randomly after the equipment has been purchased. 

■ Exclusive Equipment Information

[5 Cecilia]

[4 Rin]

■ Cost

■ Ravi and Kawerik’s Exclusive Equipment will be added to the Alchemist's Steeple.

4. Vivian & Dignus Orb Drop Rate Up

Vivian is an Earth element Mage with a powerful attack and the ability to provide her allies with immunity as well as with 

an increase in attack power. Dignus Orb is an Artifact that grants the caster a barrier when using a non-attack skill. Meet Vivian and 

this artifact in our Drop Rate Up event!


■ Schedule

9/3 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 9/10 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

5. Kawerik & Black Hand of the Goddess Drop Rate Up 

This Drop Rate Up event features Kawerik, a Fire-elemental Mage who can turn the tide of battle by increasing an opponent’s skill 

cooldown as well as increasing his own speed. It also features the Mage exclusive Artifact, Black Hand of the Goddess, which is very 

useful at the start of battle especially for Heroes who are effective in short battles. 


■ Schedule

9/3 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 9/10 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

6. Bulk Promotion Update

A bulk promotion function for Phantasma and Natural 2★ Heroes will be added.
Bulk promotions follow the same rules as standard promotion in regards to the amount of gold consumed, the required number of ingredients needed, and the automatic equipping of Equipment.

■ Entering Bulk Promotion

- After going to [Hero > Hero Inventory] players can use the Bulk Promotion function by tapping on the Bulk Promotion icon

- Players can also access the Bulk promotion function by going from [Hero > Team Formation] and tapping the Bulk Promotion icon.

■ Bulk Promotion Rules

- Only Max Level Phantasma or Max Level natural 2 Star Heroes are eligible for bulk promotion

  * Heroes that are locked are not eligible for bulk promotion

- Players must have the required number of material in order to use this function

  *Basic promotion material: 3-4 Star Phantasma and/or Natural 2 Star Heroes who have not reached their Max Level.

  * Heroes that are locked, part of a team or limited/event Heroes cannot be used as material.

  *Promotion material Heroes are selected from lower-level Heroes.

※ The option to use Natural 3 Star Heroes as promotion material can be toggled on/off in the settings menu.

■ Bulk Promotion Process

- Eligible Bulk Promotion Heroes are automatically selected and displayed. (Maximum of 10)

- Players will be able to see the Promotion Hero as well as the ingredient/gold that will be consumed.

- If there is a Hero you do not wish to be promoted, players will be able to remove it from bulk promotion by tapping on it.

- If a Hero is selected as an ingredient that you do not wish to use, players can tap on that Hero to remove it as an ingredient, and select a different eligible Hero to be used as an ingredient instead,

- Once the promotion Hero and ingredient have been selected, players can tap the [Promote] button to complete the process.

- If there are no eligible ingredients, then nothing will be displayed.

■ Bulk Promotion Options 

- Players can automatically enable promotion targets and which type of Heroes they wish to be used as ingredients in the settings.  

- Based on the settings you enable, the Heroes/Ingredients will follow your choices.

- If you change the settings for Bulk Promotion and close the window, the list will be immediately refreshed and the promotion Heroes will be selected and displayed again.

7. [Three Sisters' Diary] Reputation Improvements

The Daily and Weekly Reputations located in the Three Sisters’ Diary of the Reputation section will be improved.

Even if you do not clear all of the achievements, you will still be able to obtain the final reward based on how many Achievement Points you have earned. The daily/weekly achievements are divided so that you can better see your progress for each.

※ Due to the improvements for the Three Sisters' Diary Reputations, the daily/weekly achievements will be reset after the update on 9/3 (Thu).

If you have completed these reputations prior to the update and but did not collect your rewards, you will not be able to obtain these rewards following the update. Please collect your completed achievement rewards before the update on 9/3 (Thu).


■ Reputation Clear Rewards – Changes

The rewards that can be obtained when completing the daily/weekly achievements for the Three Sisters' Diary will be changed.



Individual rewards based on the completed achievement

Achievement Points for each completed achievement



- The number of Achievements that can be completed will be increased.

number of Achievements that can be completed will be increased.











■ Daily/Weekly Achievement Points Cumulative Reward

- Each day/weekly achievement clear grants Achievement Points and rewards for each section can be obtained according to the total earned value.

- Players can tap on the box in the Achievement Point Gauge in order to receive the rewards.

- When receiving Achievement Point rewards, a pop-up with the reward information will show. 

- Once all the cumulative achievement point rewards have been obtained, no further achievement points will be given.

- If your cumulative achievement point number exceeds 100, achievement points will continue to be added if the cumulative reward has not been achieved.
 - Reward Milestones



Reward Milestones


10 – 20 – 30 – 50 – 80 – 100 (6 Total)


20 – 40 – 60 – 80 – 100 (5 Total)


■ Other

- When you clear each daily/weekly achievement, the game will display the achievement completion information on-screen with the total cumulative amount.

8. Artifact Inventory Improvements

Equipment and Artifact inventory will be separated, and the filter for the Artifact inventory area will be improved.


■ Artifact Inventory Storage

- Artifacts will be separated from Equipment and will not be included in the Equipment Inventory count.

- Artifact inventory will be given a basic inventory space of 100 basic and can be expanded using Skystone, using the exact method of other Inventory storage areas.

- Icon for Equipment from enhancing/equipping window will be changed to match the Equipment Inventory Icon.

- The default setting for the Artifact Inventory Storage will be the “All” tab


■ Artifact Inventory Sorting/Filtering Improvements

- -Improvements will be made so that only the Artifacts of the desired Class will be filtered. This can be viewed from the top of the inventory.

- The sorting options have been changed. The sort function “Class” will be removed and the sorting function “Name” will be added.

- A filter function where players can “Hide Locked Artifacts” will be added.

- The Artifact Enhance settings will be changed. The sort function “Class” will be removed and the sorting function “Name” will be added.

9. New Event Artifact Added

In honor of Ezera’s Foundation Day celebration, a new 4 Star common Artifact, ``To a New World'' will be added.

The event Artifact celebrates the foundation of Ezera and our 2nd Anniversary and can be obtained from the 7 Day Check-In Event [See Link Here]

10. New Pet Added

One new Pet will be added. See below for more detailed information.


■ Schedule

9/3 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 9/16 (Wed) 14:59 UTC


■ How to Acquire

Players can acquire this Pet by purchasing our Donation Pack.


▶ Tap here for more information regarding the limited Donation Pack item.


■ New Pet Information

11. Other Improvements and Adjustments 

[Animation applied on the pack screen]

- An animation showing a Hero moving will be applied on certain packs. 

- Target: Growth Pack / Specialty Change Pack / Newbie Pack / Rising Star Pack / Veteran Pack


■ Hero and Artifact

- Artifacts that increase the EXP obtained will have their skill descriptions changed to reflect that they can’t have double effects applied. 

- Improvements will be made so that the skill effects of certain Exclusive Equipment is displayed in more detail. There are no functional changes. 

   *1. 4 Hero Achates’ Exclusive Equipment Untainted Heart’s Rapid Cure skill. 

   *2. 4 Hero Guider Aither’s Exclusive Equipment Whispered Faith’s Spirit's Protection skill.  

- Corrections have been made to the skill description of the 4 Hero Achates’ exclusive equipment Untainted Heart’s Rapid Cure skill.

   * Previously 66.666% → Now 67% 

- An issue that caused a butterfly effect to be displayed when the 5 Hero Briar Witch Iseria is in the lobby will be fixed. 




Sol, Baiken, Dizzy, Elphelt, Kizuna AI 


Miss Confille, Necro&Undine, Junkyard Dog

Special Collaboration Heroes

Gunflame, Volcanic Viper, Tyrant Rave ver. Beta, 

Tatami Gaeshi, Tsurane Sanzu-watashi, Garyo Tensei, 

Gamma Ray, Emotional Gamma Ray, Judge Better Half, Magnum Wedding

- The description for certain Heroes will be changed as shown below. Please note that no functional changes will be made.







Dazzling Dance

Adjustments will be made to clarify the skill order



Phoenix Flurry
 (After Awakening)

An issue where, when you use this skill Fighting Spirit increases to 15 was not stated in the description will be fixed. 

Ruele of Light

Light Pillar

Adjustments will be to the description to clarify which targets the skill applies to. 


Full Bloom

Adjustments will be to the description to clarify which targets the skill applies to. 



Adjustments will be made to the description to clarify which effects occur when the target has a buff. 



Adjustments will be made to the text to clarify the skill order and the conditions under which Increased Combat Readiness is triggered. 


■ Story

- Charles’ side story, The Meaning of Justice, will be added to the story journal. 

- Improvements will be made so that players can see the exclusive currency they own as they play through the side story.

■ Adventure and Battle

- An issue where players were able to proceed with 10-4. Crimson Outpost in Episode 1 before clearing 10-3. Dalberg Field will be fixed.

- An issue where players were able to proceed to 10-S1. Moonlight Flower Hill after the dialogue with the Taranor Guard in 10-3. Dalberg Field will be fixed. 

- The stats of Vivian and Karven who appear in Episode 2 [4-5. Tree of Old Memories] will be reduced.

- The stats of Straze who appears in Episode 2 [9-10. Altar of Unfamiliar Stars] will be reduced. 

■ Other 

- Improvements will be made so that Heirs who have not logged in for a long time do not appear on the recommended Friends list. 

   * The same improvements will be made for the list of supporters in adventure or side story battles. 

- Improvements will be made so that the amount of gold and EXP obtained when an Equipment is sold or used to enhance other Equipment will be adjusted according to the Equipment level. 

   * The amount of gold obtained will be increased by about 10% and EXP by about 15%. 

-  Background packs obtained will be sorted according to the following types;

   * Main Episode > Labyrinth > World Arena > Side Story

- The description of certain Catalysts will be supplemented. However, no functional changes will be made. 

- Improvements will be made so that a confirmation message is displayed when you tap the [Receive All] button in the mailbox. 

- An issue where the wins did not refresh when a player is directed to the main Expedition screen after taping the back button after a victory will be fixed. 

- An issue where the entry button for Expedition was displayed in the Lobby when there are rewards to be collected after an Expedition ends will be fixed. 

- An issue where the Forging tutorial could not play once you enter the Sanctuary will be fixed. 

- Auto Battle function from the battle page, added in the previous 8/20 update will be deleted.

   Heirs can still use Auto Battle as they’ve done before the 8/20 update.       

- Adjustments will be made so that the touch effects can be displayed on iOS devices. 

- A sever change button will be added to the Server Maintenance screen when a server is in maintenance. 

  * This will occur only when there is just a specific server is undergoing maintenance. 


Thank you.

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    2020.09.02 10:44 (UTC+0)

    BESTliterally who asked for a rin EE

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    2020.09.02 10:36 (UTC+0)

    BESTFantastic QoL improvements. Thanks !

    Now I'll grab my popcorn and watch all the Luna EE ranters storm this thread. Live with it people. It'll come when it comes.

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    2020.09.02 10:44 (UTC+0)

    BESTVery nice update!!! Been waiting for bulk promotion forever! Separate Artifact inventory is also pretty good.

    Thanks SG!

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    2020.09.02 10:36 (UTC+0)

    Fantastic QoL improvements. Thanks !

    Now I'll grab my popcorn and watch all the Luna EE ranters storm this thread. Live with it people. It'll come when it comes.

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      2020.09.02 17:13 (UTC+0)


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      2020.09.02 18:00 (UTC+0)

      SairintirYou sound stupood and annoying af.  Stop posting fake pics as well.  Just be quiet and stop acting like a damn child.  Hell a child is better behaved than you

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    2020.09.02 10:38 (UTC+0)

    idk but I find this week's update kinda disappointing. 

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      2020.09.02 11:33 (UTC+0)

      im really curious to the reason of how and why you find all this kinda disappointing?

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      2020.09.02 12:05 (UTC+0)


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    2020.09.02 10:42 (UTC+0)

    Vivian Rate Up is always good <3

  • images
    2020.09.02 10:44 (UTC+0)

    Very nice update!!! Been waiting for bulk promotion forever! Separate Artifact inventory is also pretty good.

    Thanks SG!

    • images
      2020.09.02 11:03 (UTC+0)

      NasiraI mean sure. It's all a matter of personal perspective. Some people are just more prone to hoarding gear that they shouldn't.

      For you it's amazing. For me its just a bonus because I'm pretty good at inventory management and not holding onto 200+ pieces of subpar gear that I won't upgrade before something better drops or I craft better.

    • images
      2020.09.03 03:57 (UTC+0)

      Hello Heir Carefire!
      We are glad to hear that you guys are satisfied with the new update!
      We are doing our best to mold to our Heir's desire.
      Thank you for the love and support that you have shown to Epic Seven! :D
      Have a wonderful day! Stay safe.

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    2020.09.02 10:44 (UTC+0)

    literally who asked for a rin EE

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      2020.09.03 17:59 (UTC+0)

      Literally who asked for your opinion?

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      2020.09.07 13:06 (UTC+0)

      Rin is bae and super underrated. This is a happy day for me.

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    2020.09.02 10:47 (UTC+0)

    Nice helm

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    2020.09.02 11:07 (UTC+0)

    so I guess smilegate announced education support program to send their brainlet interns to study, so they don't put false advertisement for exclusive equipment

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      2020.09.02 13:23 (UTC+0)

       Again, source an official link to this EE advertisement you’re ranting about. Never seen an in-game announcement for EE for Luna. If there was, there’d be a bigger commotion because of how many people want it. Also if it’s real, it’s not false. It’s letting people who’ve been asking know they saw their demands and acknowledged it instead of leaving them in the dark and unanswered. And just because they announced it, doesn’t mean it’s going to be released immediately. They’ve taken months to release announced content. If you can’t wait for it, go do something else. Maybe get an education in developing games before you start calling the devs brainlet. 

    • images
      2020.09.02 18:01 (UTC+0)

      There was literally zero in game advertisement for Luna EE.  Just be quiet and stop commenting like the baby you are

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    2020.09.02 11:11 (UTC+0)

    Thank you SG for another great update. Not only i am hyped for Episode 3 but i am also glad you added a multi promotion function in this game. No more 1000x finger tipping on phantasmas and fodders anymore 

    • images
      2020.09.03 04:04 (UTC+0)

      Hello Heir b0sh! 

      Some of our heirs have suggested a 'Multi promotion function' function and our devs have finally added it! We hope you have a even greater adventure with the new items too!

      Stay safe!

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    2020.09.02 11:14 (UTC+0)

    Thank you for update

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    2020.09.02 11:23 (UTC+0)

    Last week feel like E7 try to make balance ?? and then releasing Last Rider Krau. LOL LOL

    Why only male char ******* OP and EZ use as ML ken, vil and Krua

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      2020.09.02 11:37 (UTC+0)

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    2020.09.02 11:25 (UTC+0)

    OTP drop rate up 🥺

  • images
    2020.09.02 11:33 (UTC+0)

    Cecilia EE 2 should help us dealing with lifesteal meta a bit. But it could be better if all of her EE have some hit chance increase passive like 25% so that she can deal with evasion+lifesteal hero

    I think Rin EE3 should dispel 2 debuffs, she was buffed 1-2 times before but it's still not enough, and I think this time still not enough to see her more in any contents. because she doesn't have any strong role.

    But if you guy make her Skill 2 uncounterable she would have a role of fast defense breaker with team buff on skill 3, and we would have something to deal with strong hero like Charles. because he cannot counter her and got buff stripped from him.

  • images
    2020.09.02 11:40 (UTC+0)

    That Owl looks like a potato . Awesome patch, can't wait for bulk promotions and Rep rewards upgrade.

    And this needs recognition:

    "Improvements will be made so that the amount of gold and EXP obtained when an Equipment is sold or used to enhance other Equipment will be adjusted according to the Equipment level. 

       * The amount of gold obtained will be increased by about 10% and EXP by about 15%. "

    • images
      2020.09.03 00:02 (UTC+0)

      Thx for pointing that out🙏🏽

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    2020.09.02 11:52 (UTC+0)

    Lefundos: Nation of waifus and husbandos.

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    2020.09.02 12:24 (UTC+0)

    Please add a bulk buy feature for the barkeep. Being able to select all available fodders then buy all at once would be a nice QoL. Thanks

    • images
      2020.09.03 04:20 (UTC+0)

      Hello Heir akeeyuki2!

      Thank you for sharing your idea!

      We'll definitely forward it to our devs for their future consideration. Have a great adventure! Stay safe.

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    2020.09.02 12:34 (UTC+0)

    Is there a reason why the pre battle auto selection will be removed? I for one found this feature very useful so I'm kinda bummed out about it no longer being available. That aside very good update

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      2020.09.03 11:34 (UTC+0)

      Also curious about this... very helpful 

    • 2020.09.10 07:52 (UTC+0)

      same man, same. It's anoying af to press auto on every arena battle

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