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Ability to Turn Abilities on/off During Auto [2]

  • STOVE88306682
  • 2020.08.26 22:03 (UTC+0)
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PLEASE add! There is a definite need for this system in the game with regards to Wyvern and such. Certain heroes abilities do not really have a place in auto battles, and a feature such as this would make use of many more heroes and open up options. 

On every single post like this, I see so many comments such as "no, why would you ever not auto stages then?" and that logic is inherently flawed. Why create a game that requires constant farming, background play, and time to excel in, and not make the game as seamless and accessible as possible? The main point of the game is to farm up so you CAN play the game modes in which it is required you to not auto. PVP, RTA, guild wars, and abyss are the main examples of these. 

Please Smilegate, just let me turn of Luluca's shield. 

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    2020.09.01 01:16 (UTC+0)

    So you're saying turning of one of the abilities? I agree with that since many character have different use on different part of the game. Turning of Alexa s3 but still keep s2 and poison for wyvern, or just disable useless Sage Baal and Sezan s3 (pls buff).

    I always thought that we could have more auto customisation and I wonder if it's possible to also have a "no skill" on normal fight and "full skill" on boss fight. It's annoying to auto farm a level where every single time, the s3 is on cooldown on boss and can't os it by 10% hp

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    2021.09.04 11:43 (UTC+0)

    "have a "no skill" on normal fight and "full skill" on boss fight."

    yes I was thinking the same thing to improve auto

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