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SC for Bask, and EE for Diene, when Diene Side Story and Banner Re-runs [3]

Another re-run is probably still some time away, but it will eventually happen. I just want to get this suggestion out, in case the developers actually see it merit in it. Then they have a bit of time to implement it before the event. It would be quite plain for veteran players if the side story and banner re-runs with no new additions or changes too. 

Bask is a rather decent unit, with an integral role as a character in the Diene side story. I'd like to use him more but his 3* status make him slightly lacking when compared with other units. Hence, he remains decent, but not excellent.

It'd be nice if he can receive a specialty change when Diene's side story and limited banner re-runs again. It will improve his stats and skills further, and hopefully make his gameplay stats more lore-fitting and worthy of being the protector of the Saint of Ezera. It will grant his S3 a sweet new anime cutscene animation too. 

Among the Specialty Change quests tasks, one of them could require players to trade in extra copies of Bask. Normally, these extra copies would be for imprints but for veteran players who have already SSS Bask, more extra copies become useless and a specialty change that accepts these extra copies will then provide a motivation and use for players who acquire them.

In terms of story and when this "Specialty change" happens, the side story did offer the potential. Those who have played it would know that Bask undergoes some character development, changes in his beliefs and mindset, and in other specialty change stories for other characters, such developments provided sufficient justification for a character undergoing a specialty change.

Diene could potentially also receive some buffs through Exclusive Equipment, which can be farmed from the event exchange shop using exchange currency. The addition of new exclusive equipment for Diene to the event exchange would again motivate veteran players to pay attention to the re-run event.

Some potential ideas for the EE enhancements:

Main Stat: HP%

S1: Heals ally with the lowest HP

S2: Dispels two debuffs

S3: Grants Increase attack (Greater) instead of normal Increase Attack

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    2020.08.01 14:54 (UTC+0)

    IMO, Diene is already a very strong unit, I don’t think she needs a buff

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    2020.08.02 14:20 (UTC+0)

    Diene is busted i do not at all think she needs an ee. If anything she's at the back of the line lol

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    2020.08.03 03:59 (UTC+0)

    EE isn't about who should get or not . it's pure random SSB might get in next patch who know ? 

    SC Bask is rough becuase he dead .

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